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Instagram Creator Account: Everything You Need To Know

Having a great amount and quality of content over Instagram and still not getting desired reach and likes seems a common problem; Instagram with over 1 billion monthly active users has proven to be the biggest influencer platform over the years. But for influencers and content creators, it has been a difficult task to grow and sustain over the platform.

The Influencers and creators have always presented themselves over Instagram to grow their profiles and content, but eventually, Instagram Business Accounts have not helped creators to get the desired growth and reach.

Instagram has been one of the most important social media platforms where users promote and advertise their business, and creations to create connections with the targeted audience. With the growth of the platform, brands have identified an excellent opportunity to reach their target audience and promote their products in a much more “organic” way.

Instagram has become a go-to resource for finding and marketing new products and getting to know about new trends and styles from Influencers.
Instagram being launched in 2010 only for iOS and later introduced an application for Android users in 2012 which has gained rapid popularity over the years and is still continuing to grow; with over 1 million registered users in a month, 10 million in a year, and, 1 billion users as of May 2019.

It has provided a great social media network platform for users and has increased the category options over the platform for its vivid users. People come to Instagram to discover and get inspired by things they care about, it may be businesses or influencers.

The top 50 Instagram influencers alone have  3.1 billion followers, so it is no surprise that Instagram wants to start providing better services to these high-profile users. Due to the growing influencer numbers and growth, Instagram decided to roll out a new kind of account especially dedicated to its influencers and creators known as Creator Account.

Instagram when started initially had only Personal Account option and then later around 2016, it launched its Business Account option for the brands over the platform. Now with the increasing amount of influencers, Instagram has decided to roll out another option of account known as Creator Account.

What Are Instagram Personal Accounts?

When Instagram launched, it had just one kind of account option called Personal Account. This category is for every Instagram user- anyone around the world can create a Personal Account over the platform and use Instagram services.

Instagram Personal Accounts

Personal Accounts are basically used for interacting and sharing content with known people. It cannot be used for any kind of business or content creations.

It can be used by users to follow favorite artists, actors, singers, influencers, brands and so on and enjoy the content of their favorite people. It also helps to collection information about new products, brands, and companies.

Instagram Personal Account is an option for users to share their favorite artists, favorite images, videos, and selfies over the platform with the knowns. Moreover, it interacts with them through the Direct Message (DM) option.

Instagram Personal Account does not offer any kind of statistical tool- to know about the growth of the account or to know about the reach, follows/unfollows and so on.

It offers the option to keep the profile public or private. Under the options, users can keep their profile public to showcase their content to everyone present on the channel. Moreover, they can also keep their profile, if they just want to show their posts to the selected followers.

With the growing users, business over Instagram also took a huge turn and has grown with years. It has incorporated advanced and amazing features to provide a better experience to the business holders and average users. Later in 2016,  Instagram launched an account option dedicated to business holders called Business Account.

What Are Instagram Business Accounts?

If people own a business, for example – Café, Coffee Shop and do not own a Business Profile on Instagram, then they might be missing out on a large number of audiences.

Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram Business Account was launched in 2016  which gives users a bundle of advanced features and lots of tools. Its functionality helps the businesses to grow out and reach more and more people. With over 25 million, Business Profiles on Instagram has made an exceptional mark for business holders.

Every 1 in 3 stories that are viewed by users is from Business profiles and over 200 million users visit at least one Business Profile in a day. In a survey, over 60% of people said that they discover new products and brands over Instagram.

Here is how Business profiles help businesses to grow and reach more people.

More Exposure –

Before the Business profile feature rolled out, users found it difficult to reach the businesses as the only way to contact businesses was through the links of the brands’ websites mentioned in the bios of the brands’ Profiles. It was mandatory for businesses to create a website as well so that people can access more and more information about the brands.

Due to this, small businesses that tried to grow through Instagram found it difficult to get more exposure to their brands.

With Instagram Business Profiles being rolled out, it gave convenience to users to access more information about the businesses they like.

Moreover, it provides many benefits to the business holders like contact information could be mentioned in the business profile so that the new person who visits the site or want to know more about the particular business reach the account holder easily.

Note: Instagram Business Profiles have at least one contact information either mobile number,  email or both of them.

Access to Analytics –

Instagram is one of the major social media platforms to provide analytics to its users. It provides the business owners a view of what content works for the profile and what does not.

It provides a piece of information about the followers as what kind of content or what kind of interests attract the audience.

This feature is still minimally available to its users with no ability to export data or to track the analytics over periods of time longer than a week.

The users can get an overall view of their Instagram posts by going to the respective profiles and clicking Insights date listed on top of the account.

The Insight section provides analytics for impressions, reach and follower information with the week.

If the users want to view analytics for a particular post, they have to click on the particular post and then click on view insights to see impressions, reach and engagement for particular posts.

Instagram Ads –

Having a Business Profile helps users to create paid advertisements over the platform and give more exposure to the businesses that are trying to grow through this social media platform.

With the reports, it is stated that over 2 million businesses use Instagram to share their stories and posts through paid promotions and generate business.

If the user wants to promote a post then they simply have to click on it and select the “Promoted Post” option.

It takes over a few hours or a day to generate the advertisement and as Instagram has changed its algorithm, in order to verify the advertisement process,  it might ask the user to link their Facebook profiles to their Instagram Profiles before accepting the purchase.

Note:“Instagram has 10% more reach than that of Facebook’s advertisement. An average Cost Per Click over Instagram reaches to 1$ and the budget by the business holder can be decided by the needs and time period.”

Here Is A Guide On How To Switch To Business Account:

In the personal Instagram account, the user has to go to their profile page and click on the “Settings” icon. It is a gear symbol.

  • After scrolling down the list of options, in the end, it will show the switch to the business profile link.
  • The profile should not be set as a private account.
  • It will then ask the user for the Facebook profile and a Facebook Page to connect to.
  • The user has to fill in the relevant details.
  • The user will need to be an administrator of the Facebook page to which they are linking the account.
  • Instagram will then ask for your business contact details.
  • The user must write these as they would want the customers to see them.
  • This includes businesses’ email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Once done the above steps, the user will officially have an Instagram Business Profile.

What Is Instagram Creator Account?

A Creator Account is exclusively designed for influencers and content creators over Instagram. As with the years and growing Instagram users, it has been difficult for influencers and creators to have an established profile on the platform.

With the years, Instagram has grown with over 500,00 active influencers. And,  it has been difficult for all creators to sustain through business accounts as there was no alternative for influencers and creators.

This clears out two things:

Instagram wants to increase the number of influencers: 87% of Influencers say that Instagram is their top platform to showcase their talent and skills. Instagram recognizes that Influencers and Creators play a large role over the platform and now the channel wants to offer better services to engage the creators.

Instagram separates Business from Influencers: The Creator Profiles includes features and tools that specifically serve to Influencers who are not attached being business models. Instagram has been recognizing that both Business and Influencers have different needs when it comes to social management.

Ashley Yuki, Instagram product manager in reference to the sustainability of influencers over Instagram said in an interview, “We want to make sure that Instagram is the best place, and the easiest place, to build fan communities and also build [creators’] personal brands.”

To the thrill of its constant creators and influencers, Instagram recognized this new need and announced the release of a new type of account targeted at Instagram’s most precious users -the “Creators and Influencers”.

In 2019, Instagram came up with an alternative for creators and influencers and launched another type of account over the platform known as “Creator Accounts”.

Instagram Creator Accounts are accounts for high-profile users designed to easily access their data and better connect with their audience.

The Creator Account has been established for creators and influencers even if they are not well known. Moreover, for the creators who have sponsored advertisements and growth, then the “Creator Account” is the best alternative.

It provides various ways to increase the reach and exposure of the creators and influencers as it provides several new features for influencers to go even deeper on their following metrics.

What Special Features Does Creator Account Include?

Detailed Growth Data:

Instagram with creator accounts provides a detailed insight of the followers such as:

Daily Follows and Unfollows – With Business Accounts, Influencers and Creators only have access to their weekly follows and unfollows. But with the Creator Accounts, they can easily determine as of what kind of content is positively or negatively impacting the profile.

Demographic Data –  Also provided with the Business Accounts, it helps to know about the age group of audience and interests so that the creators can cater content to the audience accordingly.

Creator Dashboard – Instagram introduced a new Creator Studio” to help influencers gain all of their insights over a handy dashboard.

Improved Messaging :

Influencers receive so many messages regarding collaborations, from fans and some creepy people too who have no business being on social media.
Instagram has made it streamlined and better for influencers so that they can work and focus on the profiles.

With business or personal accounts, users just have one primary inbox for all DMs as well as message requests folder from people they don’t follow.

With Instagram Creator Accounts, users have access to these three folders:

  • Primary –  It provides messages that the user wants to receive and be notified of.
  • General – Messages that the user does not want to receive notifications for.
  • Requests – Messages from the people that these users do not follow.

Note: Creators can move messages between folders whenever they wish. This allows users to prioritize messages from friends, families, and other people they want to hear from.

Flexible Contact:

The influencers get an abundant amount of calls and emails for collaborations, spam and so on. Now with Instagram Creator Account, they have the option to turn off their contact details and save themselves from spams and annoying calls and emails.

This means creators could remove the ability to click the labels call or email on their profiles through their preferred method. This gives the users more agency over who contacts them or rather, doesn’t contact them.

Eligibility For Creator Accounts:

  • Before the release of the category, it was rumored that Instagram Creator Account would only be available to the users who have 10,000 followers or more and a linked Facebook Page.
  • But as the update rolled out, it was clarified that there are no such conditions for the users to access the Instagram Creator Account-it does not matter if the user has 5,000 followers or even 5.
  • So all the people who feel that they are some kind of creator, they can have access to Creator Account and showcase their abilities and skills. It just needs a few steps to switch to Creator Account.

Steps To Switch To Creator Account –

(i) The user needs to log into Instagram and open the profile section.

log into Instagram

(ii) Then, click on the three lines shown in the top right corner.

click on the three lines shown in the top right corner

(iii) Then the user needs to tap on the profiles’ “Settings” tab.

tap on the profile Settings tab

(iv) Further, select the “Account” option.

select the Account option

(v) Once the user enters the Account settings, they will see a Switch to Creator Account option.

see a Switch to Creator Account option

(vi) The process to switch to a Creator Account is intuitive.

process to switch to a Creator Account is intuitive

(vii) Instagram will take the user through the entire process of switching and confirming all the details associated with the account.

Accessing Creator Account is an easy way to get the best and fruitful result for your creation. The option not only gives you tons of options to perform but also helps you to get connected with your targeted audience.  If you haven’t created your profile on “Creator Account” then hurry up and choose the option to present your business or brand perfectly to your targeted audience.

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