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Instagram Debuted An Account Specifically For Creators: What’s new?

Instagram recently launched a new account for the creator community to provide them the most soothing and amazing experience of the channel. The new account is properly debuted as a creator account. The Facebook-owned application Instagram has always been in news and trends because of it’s enthusiastic and fantastic features and updates.

And recently, the network came with the new launch of an account which would work specifically for the creators. This account will provide new opportunities to the creators and the influencers as it is filled with the most amazing features and systems.

As per the updates, the creator account would be a source of education and discovery for aspiring creators. Moreover, for those people who want to learn new practices and want to explore more about their specific subjects,  the account will be the hub for them.  Now, the creators and the average users will be able to find, understand and collect information about their specific interests and connect with the most reliable talent they are looking for.

The new creator account will provide tips and tricks and will be a connecting path between Instagram and its most dedicated users. Instagram launched the creator account as an alternative to the business profile and now it has enabled the account to everyone and everywhere.

So now as a creator or an Instagrammer, you might be wondering that what exactly the creator account is and how does it work? You might have questions in your mind about its features and benefits, its popularity and similarity with other channels.  Here we have gathered all the information based on our research and data regarding the creator account. Read on to get answers for your all queries.

For Whom The Creator Account Is?

As per the research and anonymous article, Instagram’s creator account would be available to the profile with more than 10,000 followers. This research shows that Instagram wants to double its popularity among its users and wants to increase the influencer’s engagement rate on the channel.

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According to the data, 81.1% of influencers say that Instagram is their top social networking site on which they rely the most. And Instagram knows that Influencers play an important role in the channel and therefore, the network wants to provide a big place to attract and keep influencers posting their content on the channel.

Instagram wants to separate business from influencers- the creator profiles include features and tools that will particularly work to the users who are not connected with the more traditional business models. This would only cater to the people who are more into social management rather than the business promotion.

Moreover, the network is trying to separate the account of individual users having different needs to manage the business and to handle social management. With the creator account, Instagram is focusing on the users with their creator profile and content.

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In fact, if you will switch your account to another account, the application says that the creator profiles are the “best for public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers.”

What Specific Features Instagram’s Creators Account Have?

Instagram offers a bunch of facilities and new features to influencers and creators to attract them and to establish new metrics in the industry.

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Instagram’s creator account is completely different from a business profile or the normal account. And for the people who are on the channel to showcase their creativity and to grab the fruitful result with the best insights, then for them switching to the creator account from the business profile is best. If you are on the creator account, then you will be provided with the best and more detailed insights of your target audience and will help you to manage your posts and messages better.

Here, with the new account, Instagram provides a number of new features that will support creators to learn more about their target audience and about the content they are posting on the network.  Few of the feature are:

Detailed Insights:

Instagram has the insight and analytics feature that really helps users to build their base strong over the channel. And now, in the “creator account”, Instagram maintained its previous insight feature with the more in-depth information.

Instagram has the insight and analytics feature

Daily number of follows and unfollows:

Over Instagram’s business profile, users were only allowed to check follows and unfollows on a weekly basis. But on the creators’ account, users will be allowed to check their daily statistics and data as per their preferences. Now, the user will be allowed to which type of content is providing a positive and negative impact in the industry.

Demographic Data:

The option is also available in the business profile and now is available for the users of the creator profile on Instagram. The option will provide influencers the ability to look at who exactly their followers are and provide content to them.

Streamlined  Messaging:

Influencers and creators on Instagram receive countless messages each day for multiple purposes like the collaboration with new brands, or fans just want to say hello to them or some creepy messages that do not have any relation with business.

On Instagram’s business and personal account, users have just one primary inbox to handle all type DMs as well as message requests folder for DMs from people they don’t know. But on “creator account”, users will have access to three folders:

Primary: Messages that the influencer wants to receive and be notified of.

General: Messages that the influencer doesn’t want notifications for.

Requests: Messages from people the influencer does not follow.

Here, with the option, creators will be allowed to move messages between folders whenever they want. This allows users to prioritize messages from friends, families, and other people they want to hear from.

More labels:

Instagram creator account will provide more flexibility with customized labels and brands through which users will have direct information without any hassle.

With a business account, Instagram assigns the profile the category used on the associated Facebook page. That means if you are running a “Minning” business page on Facebook, then you’re “Mining business” on your Instagram business profile.

With an Instagram creator account, though, you may choose whatever label you want to brand yourself as—and with more choices.

This enables you to really go niche with your personal brand and choose the label that’s right for you.

The “creator account” is not restricted to these features only, there are lot more which would make the account more advanced and supportive than others. The creator account will provide better options for the users to perform and the new ways to present their profiles.  There is a lot more to know about Instagram’s new launch “Creator account” which will be continued in our upcoming article.

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