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Instagram Hiding Likes – Here Is Everything You Should Know

The news about Instagram removing likes has created a buzz in the digital world. On 21 May 2019, at Facebook’s annual conference, Instagram announced that they are testing a new feature called “private like counts” on their platform. The feature will hide the likes count on every post, and only the owner of the account would be able to see how many likes the post got.

As of now, Instagram has hidden the likes count for the Canada users, and here we will be discussing all the important things you should know as the regular user of Instagram.  Continue reading the article to find out why the company decided to hide likes, what the new design looks like, how the new model works, and what possible effects it can have on the influencers and brands.

How Do The Hidden Likes Work On Instagram?

Instagram is testing its beta version of the app with Canada users. The new design of the Instagram app would not have a huge difference, but yes, the user would not able to see the number of likes below the post. This is how the redesigned model of the app looks like. We can clearly see from the picture that the number of likes is not displayed as before.

How Do The Hidden Likes Work On Instagram

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that as you scroll through the feed, you won’t be able to see the likes count. The only thing one can see is the names of the people who liked your post and if still, you are eager to calculate the total number of likes your post got then give your time by counting the list of the names of people who liked your post.

Can You Still See The Number Of Likes On Your Post?

Yes, but the metrics won’t appear automatically as before. To see the number of likes on your post, you need to click on “others” located under your post.

Can You Still See The Number Of Likes On Your Post

How To Hide Likes On Instagram?

Currently, only selected users in Canada are the part of the Instagram’s test, and if you are also a  part of the test, then you can see a banner at the top of your screen letting you know why you are not seeing the likes. However, there isn’t an option available on the latest version using which you can select whether you want to show your likes or not. 

How To Hide Likes On Instagram

How Big The Test Is In Canada?

Instagram hasn’t really clarified about how big the test is, but as per the information and reports, the test looks a lot bigger than we assume it to be. I made an informal poll with few members of Canada on my Instagram profile, and almost 8 out of 10 told me that the likes aren’t any longer available on their app. Instagram hiding likes is certainly an indication of a massive change.  After this new version, the standard unit using for judging a post. Removing the likes count of the platform seems to be a good move as now people would share and connect on the platforms without getting caught up in any type of competition. Mark Zuckerberg  said that “We want people to be less interested in how many likes a post gets, and focus more on connecting with other people.”

Effects On Brands And Influencers:

Well,  Instagram has taken a great step to hide likes from the posts, as people were mad to achieve the maximum number of likes on their posts. Even, it is a good move which can create a more friendly and healthy environment on the platform. Now, anyone posting content on their Instagram profile will not worry about metrics. They can connect freely with their followers and share pictures without edits. As for influencers, it would not change anything, Instagram stories don’t have any metrics to show, but still, it is conquering everyone’s attention through its amazing features. Influencers and brands share their content on the story section without knowing how many people have liked their content- nothing has stopped them from showing their creativity. 

Now, it is a great opportunity for influencers as they can focus on creating good content rather than focusing to increase the number of likes. The new design of Instagram will surely bring the competition down in the market and also increase the healthy communication on the platform.

With this move of Instagram, users will not face the competition to their previous content. For example, you made a post on Instagram a few days back, and it got so much love from your followers, and next day you made a new post, but it failed to impress the followers as the previous one. Seeing this you may compare both of your posts and lastly come to a conclusion that the post with higher likes was better. But now the new changes in Instagram will change the way people think.  

Instagram, Influencers can post freely whenever they want without worrying about the right time to post, edits of the pictures, and tags of the posts. The hidden likes feature will take off a lot of mental pressure, especially for influencers, they can now think more creative ideas while preparing a post and look out for the parts they are missing on. 

For brands, the case is the same as with the influencers. With the hidden metrics, the only problem the brands may face is choosing the right influencer for promotion of their products and services. Businesses on Instagram will have to be advanced in analyzing data.  Brands need to work specifically in driving business goals. Likes were always a fake currency, but people these days need something to judge the performance of anything.

Thanks for reading the article! Tell me what’s your thoughts on Instagram’s decision to hide likes. Will people post even more as compared to the past, or are they will lose interest without numbers? Share your views in the comment section below.

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