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Instagram Is Hiding Likes Silently, How Should Marketers Adjust?

Instagram has always been a topic of buzz in the social media industry because of its new strategies and advanced features. Millions of people use Instagram for both marketing and fun purpose. This photo/video sharing channel is now in the news for its new program of removing likes count from the users’ post and content

Instagram has rolled out a program to see what happens if they remove likes from Instagram posts. The first experiment was done in Canada, but now it has expanded to six more countries – The U.S is not included yet. 

Note: Instagram is removing likes from more six countries that are Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Brazil. 


Impact of Instagram Removing Like Counts:

As per the sources, influencers and marketers believed that if Instagram continues with the program of removing likes from its channel, then it would become difficult for the influencers to survive in the industry as likes count makes them stand out in the market. Likes count helps influencers and marketers to show their authenticity and value. 

Impact of Instagram Removing Like Counts

On the other hand, many marketers and average users believe that removing likes from Instagram posts will also remove the pressure from users’ mind for getting more likes. It will help everyone to enjoy the platform rather than engaging with the stress of being popular on the channel. 

Dr. Dustin York- an assistant professor of communications and director of undergraduate and graduate communications programs said in an interview that the move is taken for the benefits of users. He started by explaining, This move has already been implemented in other countries like Australia and Canada,” he writes. Instagram’s response is they want users to spend more time focusing on content rather than worrying about likes. They also mention their hopes for supporting mental health.”

This shows that social media channels are now also thinking about the users’ health and mental pressure they face because of expecting more engagement on their platforms. Moreover, his statement also clarified that the people on Instagram are now more focused on the quantity rather than quality, so this move taken by Instagram would also help everyone to create quality content. 

Also, this big decision of Instagram is designed to prevent marketers from spreading fake influence in the industry- it will surely impact the influencer marketing industry for some time until they get new strategies to get popular. 


Why It’s Important?

As compares to big and fortune businesses, small business depends on social media, therefore, social channels’ little change or variation drop a big impact on small sectors. And the big move of Instagram would affect the growth of small scale businesses. 

Moreover, Instagram is a channel which generates more buyers for any brand or product because of its quite sharp algorithm. Depending on the businesses marketing, Instagram is the first or the second most important tool with which they are generating the best revenue. Instagram’s top users in the U.S. of age between 13-29 years, making more than 30k a year. 


What Is Going To Happen Now?

Now it is the time for the business who are relying on Instagram to accept and following the new ways. It would be dangerous and negative to focus on the strategies business was working in the past. Now, they have to be smart and understanding to learn the exclusive tricks of new Instagram. 

It is the time when the marketers and influencers must be comfortable with the big change and should explore the new way to survive and establish their reputation. 


How Digital Marketing Will Change?

Though there are various social media channels through which marketers could perform well through blogging and vlogging, to understand, every latest aspect in the media marketing is important and the activity on each social media channel could support marketers. 

How Digital Marketing Will Change

Influencers and marketers have made a lot of money from Instagram even it does not pay back in return for the posts. But the new move of the channel will impact every business’s sale and revenue, although Instagram will never accept this, it is true. 


How Good Content Can Help?

From small scale business to a well-established organization, from influencers to content creators, everyone would get impacted because of the removal of likes count. 

How Good Content Can Help

However, to dig out the new ways to survive in the new change is important for influencers, marketers, and creators. And content is the key to establish business and individual’s presence in the industry. Content has always been the king of any marketing strategy which can never be faded out. 

Means, creating blogs with good write, adding posts with perfect captions, and creating Instagram bio with amazing script could help everyone to handle the changes. People on social media love to read content with great information and statistical data. Therefore, stay away from sales writing and start creating the content which could deliver interesting and statistical data to the viewers. 


What To Do About Influencers?

What To Do About Influencers

With the great move of Instagram, influencers are in the stage where they have to be most active and strategic as their audience depends on them for their every next step. So, influencers should explore the local market and the big brand strategies and advice their followers the new planning to survive. Also, do not forget geographically tags and keyword for SEO perspective. Here, hashtags and captions will also play a major role, so it is necessary to know the plans that can beat Instagram’s new move and can bring everything on track. 


How To Handle Change?

Also, when the change comes, it is important to test a percentage of the budget that was being used- do not stick to the one budget as it changes as the algorithm of any social media channel changes. Compare the traffic/ engagement/metrics from the past few months and figure out the way to bring it in the right state at the lowest budget. 

Instagram’s bold move of removing likes count is going to be the next big thing as it will bring so many changes in the social media industry. There was a time when social networks were completely dependent on the number of likes, comments, and share, but with this move, it will surely help users to understand the importance of content quality and prevent them from the mental stress and pressure.

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