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Instagram Is Testing In-App Reminders For Merch Drops

Instagram has always been in news for its updates and services that it offers to its customers. And if you are a regular user of Instagram and a big fan of merch then there is an amazing update on Instagram that will nudge you more towards the network. In a blog post, Instagram has explained that it would further become an online shopping hub and will not only remain as a photo-sharing application. Yes, this is big news but it is true, the giant might soon allow brands to send out reminder notification before purchase launches.

As per the blog, with story section, filters, comments, likes, and other amazing features, Instagram will now add a new feature that will make it easier for users to discover and follow upcoming product launches from brands and creators they follow.

If it is true that Instagram is going to provide notification for the merch, then it is really an outstanding opportunity for brands and businesses to grab a good amount of likes on their pages. The notification feature will alert the Instagram users about their upcoming product promptly which could also increase the sales of the product.

Instagram’s advanced features and its activities make it one of the best social networking sites. From being the best source of new trends to the ultimate platform for advertising, Instagram has served outstanding services to its customers and now its new move will surely give a reason to users to engage with the network more than before.

Instagram is going to provide notification

As per the blog, Instagram has collaborated with around 20 brands in the U.S. – including Adidas, Balmain, Levi’s, Warby Parker, H&M and Soul Cycle – to test out the notification feature.  With this move of Instagram, the participating brands will be capable to create a product launch sticker in Instagram Stories. It will also allow them to add a product launch tag in their feed with reminders of the merch drop date and a preview of product details. 

This notification feature is not going to be a perfect option for the brands but also for the people who follow those particular brands.  The followers of the brand and business would receive notification the day before and 15 minutes before the product launch. Moreover, Instagram already has a more general product launch sticker available in stories, but it does not include the release date notification features.

However, Instagram is currently testing the new feature. The notification feature will simply work as the notifications users were getting before for the other options. Moreover, this new system will allow brands and creators to make their use in a specific way and make it easier for users to have Instagram’s in-app shopping feature. The reminder will be proved to be the best source for the marketers and advertisers to gain more likes and to promote their products among the maximum customers.

Moving forward, with the current Instagram system, people have to arrange alarms to know about the updates, but with the new feature of notifications, it will become easy for brands to form a strong base for their future projects. Also, for Instagram, online marketing and big commercials matters a lot, so the giant will obviously focus on providing the best services to them and allow them the flexible features that could boost their sales.

However, for now, the feature will be focused on the US market only, but it is expected that it will find its way to more global brands and creators over time. And, as Instagram is heading new options for shopping services, the giant could compete with the likes of Amazon in becoming a huge only shopping center with its amazing features.

Apart from the notification feature, earlier this year, Instagram released the Checkout option which simply allows users to purchase different products without leaving the application.

As per the blog information, the brands that are collaborating with Instagram say that they are excited to test out the new notification feature- they are excited to evolve the industry together with Instagram. Also, the new brands will look for better options with the new notification feature for their growth. They will put their efforts to keep an eye on the latest evolution of different shopping sites and the branding of different companies.

Ultimately the giant has tried a new base to establish its reputation across the world. There is no doubt that Instagram has always come up with the services which make the users more comfortable with the network and make them lucrative for further strategies.  Its new features and updates make the channel perfect for every single user who wants to build a strong market in the industry.

Instagram is one of the best social networking sites that work as the best tool in marketing strategies and tactics. The channel has tons of options and amazing features that can help in reflecting your business’ persona and identity among millions of people.  Apart from knowing its new features and updates, if you are not much regular on the giant, then you are missing a lot of things in 2019. And if you haven’t created an account on the channel then you should try to create an Instagram account as it will help you to weigh up your profile and visibility across the world. There is a set of steps to create an account on Instagram and a complete guide to access the network. There are multiple features like stories, filters, comments, direct messages and more that can help you to create a unique identity in the industry. Therefore, start accessing the channel as soon as possible if you are looking for the right platform to market your brand and grab the best options to get fruitful results.

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