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List of Banned Instagram Hashtags 2018 & 2019

Instagram, the photo-sharing site social media platform is pretty much in the limelight for its new #hashtag banning rules. If you are a pro-social media user, then you might have been aware of the importance of #hashatgs to attract more consumers. In brief; it allows you to target your campaign effectively.

For individual user’s, it might not look like a big deal, but if you are a business house and use the platform to promote your brand, then you should get serious about Instagram #hashtag bans. So, what is #hashtag ban anyway?

There should be many hashtags that should be blocked on the Instagram along with only that hashtags would block on the Instagram which is unusable. In this modern ancient you can see there are huge followers of Instagram along with many users who use this social application to connecting on the social site with relative ones. You must check all the updates or feedbacks of the loved ones in a simple way or it also provides you with an attractive way of chatting with friends.

Many of them hashtags appear on the Instagram which users can use for making their profile cool along with bets photographs. A visual content becomes increase more significant online, Instagram is a powerful way to get promote the small businesses along with it helpful in strengthening the business or also have the strengthen branding.

What is #hashtag ban?

An Instagram Banned #hashtag is a #Hashtag that has been banned by Instagram; well, that is as simple as that. But why do they ban? In fact, any tag that can potentially trigger some kind of inappropriate or unsolicited behavior are the ones that find their way into the banned list.

For instance, if your cat behaves obnoxiously and you post a picture of your cat with a banned hashtag that the post deserves, you are still not going to find it because Instagram is not going to allow your picture to show up. Or if you search #gunforsale, you are not going to find any pictures or tags. All you might find is a message saying that the picture and tags are currently hidden.

Nick Drewe, a social media specialist, and analyst categorize Instagram bans in two different forms. First, some hashtags can be completely and out-rightly blocked, while some will bring no result or with soft censorship that can only bring 30 or fewer results. Well, that is temporary. Some temporary blocks will be reinstated after the review.

ban hashtags

The cascading effect of the banned #hashtags

So, what happens when someone uses the banned #hashtags? Well, the use of banned tag would mean curtailing your reach, since Instagram dose does not want people to get motivated by wrong phrases, you might be a victim of what is generally known as “shadow ban” that means your account will be not visible to the people who do not follow you.

Do you need more explanation on this? It is like you are nonexistent for the rest of the Instagram world apart from your followers.

effects of banned hashtag

What Instagram has to say?

Now, here is a complex issue, when you search for certain #hashtags, you might encounter that you have stumbled upon a banned #hashtags, but there is no way to find out why this has been banned because Instagram simply displays the message that reads “the picture is currently hidden” in fact, it does not give enough reasons for rationalization.

Some of the banned #hashtags come with a warning message, but then things are not as clear as it should be and ought to be. Instagram says that it wants the platform to be a place where people could share their greatest moments and have fun which is why they try to maintain a balance between what is politically correct and the terms and conditions to keep things as humane as possible.

There are a lot of generic terms like #iPhone #iPhonography and #Instagram that are banned can baffle the common user, but the logic behind such ban is to provide the end users meaningful content. Since these words do not bring any value, Instagram chooses to ban these words; said one spokesperson to Huff Post.

How to view the banned #hashtags?

Well, as a business owner, you should know how to view the banned #hashtags because using a banned one can result in a penalty or a ban of your account. If you are a fashion house run under the brand name Curvy, you need to know whether you can use the #curvy or not? In fact, you cannot.

Interestingly, you cannot even use #desk, now, if you are a furniture company here is a curveball that is almost impossible to hit. Let’s find out how are you going to find out the banned ones?

  • Go to the explore page and find the magnifying glass icon.
  • Type the desired #hashtag on the search bar.
  • If you do not find the tag, then consider it as banned.
  • Some are permanently banned and some are temporarily blacklisted, they may be back again after a few days.

Download the list of banned hashtags for 2018 and 2019 by clicking the button below-

Banned Hashtags-2018
Banned Hashtags-2019

So what are these banned #hashtags that you just need stay away from? Well, the below mentioned are the ones that you need to stay away from. The below mentioned are the banned #hashtags in alphabetical order.

List of banned Instagram hashtags

The outline

The hashtag bans might look like an attempt to stop the pornographic ideas and violence, but then it needs to be clarified. However, nobody can question them about the tags because nobody has control over their terms and policies.

But it seems that somehow they are on the right path because the mind is extremely vulnerable to the ideas, but then forbidden ideas are like forbidden fruits. The more you restrict, the more it strives to come out because the mind is essentially like a child, but apart from banning there is no better way; hence, you need to learn about the banned tags and stop using them.

Interestingly, the hashtag #women are also banned, but #why? Well, until Instagram makes the reasons public there is no way to know it.


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