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How To Make Instagram Stories Highlight Icons?

instagram story highlights icons

With the all-new features of turning your stories into highlights on Instagram, you can think about creating an impressive profile. Many businesses are focusing on the development of great cover arts that resemble their products or services.

However, not every individual knows that how the highlights work. The major issue is to download these highlight icons. If you are someone who doesn’t want to download highlight icons and want to create your own, this guide is definitely for you. Instead of taking jumping directly into the artwork, let’s know some of the basics about it.

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Instagram Highlights

Instagram is known for simple UI and amazing UX where each feature is kept simple and easy to learn. The new reaction option for stories is getting much hype these days. By tapping and holding on a story, you can find new options. By swiping up slowly, you will see a few options.

All of them will be emojis to react. You can choose from five of them, and this feature is surely loved all around. However, the highlight feature is still in trend even its been a couple of months old. If you are using the Instagram from years and really want to get the best benefit from this feature, this guide is definitely going to help you.

In this post, you will learn about the methods which can help to create own highlights without any issue. On the other hand, you will find some of the important tips in between so must read this guidepost entirely.

Instagram Highlights


Instagram highlights can help to take your profile to the next level. Creating the cover on your own is an impressive thing and a great usage of extra time. Even the highlight covers can help to share the key moments of the life. It can come in handy for businesses as well as celebrities.

As you know that the highlights are below your Instagram’s bio and it is the very first thing noticed by every second person. So, you must come up with something beautiful and artistic to grab the attention of every other person. By coming up with the cohesive highlight covers, you can align with the brand.

Creating Highlight Stories Cover

Creating covers for the Instagram highlights will take a couple of minutes, and it is important that you learn all the steps wisely. Below mentioned five steps would help in creating the highlights easily.

1. Creating A Image Of Suitable Resolution

There are so many photo editing and manipulation tools available online that can come in handy to create Instagram stories highlight. You can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Picsart, Canva and lot more. Use any of the tools and create a new image with the perfect aspect ratio and resolution.  

It is always better that you prefer the highest resolution because manipulation of the high-quality image is easy. Create an image with the resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. After creating this plane design, you should make sure that it has enough resolution and perfect aspect ratio.

instagram stories views

2. Downloading Icons

By downloading icons, it becomes easy to create a design. You can search for the Instagram highlight icons and download them. Among all those icons, you will find some unique designs. Even many websites can offer you designs which can be edited and modified as per your need. It is always a better solution and highly reliable to prefer.

After downloading the design and creative icons, you have to open them and bring that icon on the sheet you created. Before placing the icon, you must choose the background color of art. Choosing faded or light color is better because you can prefer icons with contrast colors and it is a highly reliable option to try out.

Downloading Icons

3. Placing Icons

You must place the icon in the centre of the highlight stories design to make it look good, and everyone will find it impressive. If the icon is not in the centre, it will look bad, and you won’t be using in most of the cases. Use the ruler option and try to place the icon in the centre. It will be, but you will be able to do it in a couple of seconds.

Now, you have to choose the size of icon, and it is up to you. Try out placing an icon and creating cover art. Upload this cover art in stories and add to highlight. Now, check it out, if you find that the icon is small, delete the cover art from stories and create one more with the large size of the icon. The same goes for situations when you find the icon is large.

instagram story icons

4. Uploading Cover Arts

It is always better to create the cover art at once and uploading all of them. It can be, but you can rely on it. Before uploading, head over to the setting of Instagram and tick the option “Archive Stories.” Now, you are ready to upload all the stories.

One by one upload stories in the odd hours when a very number of people are online. You can upload all at once and then hit the highlight button in the right bottom. As you choose the highlight button, you need to decide the highlighted name or add it to the existing one.

It is up to you whether you want to create five highlights or more but makes sure that you always post in most of them. In case, you are creating highlights but not posting in them; it will make your profile look weird.

cover art

5. Setting as Cover art

Open the highlight that you want to edit. Now, tap on three horizontal dots in the bottom right corner. You can find the edit highlight option here. It will show you all the highlighted stories in that particular one. Tap on edit cover button and select the cover art that you have uploaded.

After selecting the cover art, you have to click on “Done” button, and the settings will be saved. Open all the highlights and do the same with each one. It will take time but don’t worry because you have to complete it a single time. After completing all, open your Instagram profile and refresh now.

instagram cover photo

Final Words

You can find the changes now and if you are not satisfied then focus on editing some of them in those hours. Changing the cover arts lately and posting them again will seem awkward. Due to this particular reason, you should be creating all the cover arts at once and posting them one by one.

On the other hand, if you are not sure whether to post cover art or not then keep few factors in mind. First, wait for a few hours before posting cover art and take the review from friends. If it is for business, then get reviews from experts. It will clear away all the doubt and ensure that you are doing everything right.

Apart from this, you should focus on custom Instagram stories highlight icons instead of copying others. Hope, this post to create custom cover art icons and uploading them on Instagram will help you out. Make sure that you follow all the tips wisely and prefer the high-quality cover art uploads.

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