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How To Manage Facebook’s News Feed?

Facebook has come up with a change in the news feed to improve the user experience. Now users can select their preferences on news feed, which means a user can directly select the friends whose posts they want to see first in their news feed. It will help the users to get a better and categorized content on their feed and also restrict the jumbled posts from pages and friends– it provides the most useful content to the user as per their preferences. 

The users will interact more with their friends’ posts than irrelevant posts, and the best thing is that the user will not get useless recommendations in their feed. Now the user can see what s/he want to see in her/his news feed. The suggestions for public videos and posts will be reduced to the users, and there will be more social content like posts and videos from their friends and family. It did not mean that you cannot interact with businesses, brands, and advertisement; they are just taking back seat which means there will be less interaction with brands and ads. 

As a Facebook user, if you want to try out this new change on Facebook, then this tutorial is definitely for you. Here we have discussed some of the best tips to manage Facebook’s News Feed, why Facebook changed its news feed, and why it is important to manage Facebook news feed? 


Image-Based Tutorial To Manage Facebook News Feed:-

Facebook allows you to manage the News Feeds section according to your preference and here we have discussed two different methods through which you can do the same. Check out the steps given below with images to learn how to manage News Feed –

Method 1: Selecting The Most Important Friends

Select the “News Feed Preferences”

{Either open Facebook via the app or through https://www.facebook.com/ in your preferred device. Once you open Facebook, look in the left corner of the page, there click on the “News Feed” option.} 

News Feed



 Click on “Prioritize’

{At the top of preference page, you will see the option- Prioritize who to see first.}

prioritise who to see first



 Choose “Friends names” (whose updates you want to see at the top of the news feed) 

{Click the name of each person you want to prioritize in the list.}  




 Then, click on the “Done” button

{Once you click on the “Done” option, you will get back to the previous menu.}



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Method 2: Block Your Friend’s Post Secretly

Choose “News Feed Preference” located at the upper right corner of the blue bar.

News Feed



Select “Unfollow” people to restrict their post on your Facebook wall.

{It is the second option on this page.}

Unfollow people



Mark the “Friend” whom you want to unfollow.

{Once you mark the users to unfollow them, then their post will remove from your News Feed.} 

Unfollow friend



Click “Done” to finish.

{Click the “Done” option will save the changes that you have made and return you to the preference page.} 




Facebook enables you to manage your news feed according to your desire. You can easily manage the post which you want to see or in which you are not interested. Check out the two different easy ways to do the same. 

Method 1:  The first method is where you need to select friends whose post you wish to see at the top of Facebook’s news feed. For this, you need to click on the drop-down arrow and then select “News Feed preference.” After this select the name of your friend and then just click on “Done” to complete the task.   

Method 2: The second method is where you need to block the friend secretly, means, without letting him know that you have blocked him. All you need to do is click on the drop-down arrow and then select “News Feed Preferences”. Further, click on unfollow the friend whose post you do not want to see. At last click on the “‘Done” option to complete the procedure.


Video-Based Tutorial To Manage Facebook News Feed:-

Managing Facebook feed can save from a lot of irrelevant content on your page. It also makes you secure from the pranks, illegal activities, and useless conversation. Here, watch out the complete video and learn the quick workarounds to manage your Facebook news feed-


Why Facebook Changed Its News Feed?

Facebook is one of the biggest and fastest sources of breaking news for its users and getting news updates. The users of this platform utilize it for getting daily updates from their friend’s birthday to political news. Facebook is used by over a billion users to get up to date about breaking news and other updates.

The reason behind the change in the news feed was that Facebook’s users getting useless and disturbing content. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that “We’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands, and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.”

The users will get that content which matters the most to them, and it helps them to select what they want to see. The main focus of this change is to increase the social interactions of the user.


Why You Should Manage Your News Feed?

The content that will reach to the users will be according to their interest. It has provided you the multiple options to show the most relevant posts from your friends, family, and pages you follow. The specific need to manage your Facebook news feed is that it will help you to increase the engagement with friends and family.

Most of the users had a bad experience with public content that interrupts them during the time they interact with their friends. So, now the users can select their preference from the “See First in News Feed” settings. This will help those users who want to keep in touch with their friends and family’s posts.

The news feed has limited space that is why it is so important to make it valuable for you. You should select every feed that will keep you engaged with preferred content. It is up to users that if they want to utilize their time or waste it while using Facebook.


Difference Between Facebook’s Timeline & News Feed:-

Before managing Facebook’s news feed, it is important to understand the tremendous difference between timeline and news feed.

The timeline and news feed concepts usually confuse Facebook users, but here is the video which will describe the difference between timeline and news feed in an amazing manner.  Watch out the video and see what makes them different.

Facebook is the global platform where people connect from every corner of the world. But, there are times when you do not like some posts to see, or you find them inappropriate, therefore, you can easily manage them according to your desire. If you do not want someone’s posts to see, you can simply mark the friend and change the news feed preference. This will help you to handle your news feed and let you enjoy Facebook updates without any interruptions. Hope, this information helped you, but in case you have any query or doubt, write us in the comment section. 

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