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Practiced Ways To Maximize Twitter For Your Business Marketing In 2018

The marketing is no more the same old creative pursuit; in fact, it is going through a revolution phase where technology is making it more complicated. Yeah, of course, the potentiality of technology in driving the growth is significant; it poses serious questions about the strategic layout of the company. Especially, the digital marketing is sidelining all the traditional media and making it to the top.

This article aims to provide insight into the Twitter marketing strategy. Yeah, we will be looking at the few surefire ways of maximizing the Twitter branding effort and bring meaningful results that not only improve the brand equity but also generates revenue.

twitter users graph
The number of Twitter users worldwide is projected to grow from about 258 million users in 2015 to nearly 370 million users by 2020.
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Make your word strategy:

This is the most sensitive part of the strategy; the twitter only allows 140 characters that mean you do not have a much scope of experimenting with ideas. Well, there is always an opportunity in the challenge.

The 140 character can work magic if you know the art of expressing ideas eloquently. Ensure that you do not jumble up the thoughts. Work on one thought and express it clearly; if you have to add more stuff, then add links.

word strategy

Create a bio:

Yeah, the bio is your brand face and you have to craft it properly; maintain the brand consistency and add links so that people can find their way to your business website. Ultimately, your website is where you carry out your business. So, make sure you guide your audience to the website.

Create a bio

Connect with influencers:

Find the league of influential people; connecting to the prominent people like journalists, thought leaders and eminent personalities in your segment should be the priority. Use the tools such as Topsy to search prospect customers and well-known personalities and interact with them regularly.

Ensure that the tone of the communication does not sound promotional; you have to first build the relationship and then look for opportunities to propose your business idea.

Connect with influencers

Be active:

The Twitter followers are active and they generally look for news and updates. You cannot Tweet once in a week and expect people follow you and become your diehard fans.

Ensure that you Tweet regularly and post relevant content; remember at the present market scenario only thing that can give you the boost is the content. The difference between the marketing and content are no longer the same; in fact, at present, it is all about content and marketing is just the means.

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Intelligent use of hashtags:

The hashtags are a great way of engaging the audience, but you cannot just hashtag mindlessly and expect great results; you have to identify the relevant and industry-specific hashtags. Use the tools like hashtagify to discover the trending hashtags. Remember any hashtag you employ will put your tweet on global conversation platform.

use of hashtags

Track brand mentions:

In highly cluttered marketplace customers often put their queries, dissatisfactions, and joy. In fact, they share everything about the brand and the experience; ensure that you track the brand mentions and find out what is being published about you, ensure that you respond to the brand mentions politely. Customers are expecting the highest standard of professionalism, a display of sloppy ethics can damage your reputation.



Life is not all about yourself; sometimes it is also about others; in fact, most of the times it is about others; ensure that you retweet to consolidate your reputation in the fraternity.

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Run online contests:

Twitter is the best place to run polls on current trends and topics such as political debate or social issues, you can also run surveys to find out your customers’ views and generate feedback that would help in reorienting your brand ideology or help in developing products and services.

online contests

Use videos and photos:

Visuals still remain our primitive communication channel since the ancient times. Adding stunning visuals and videos can bring more twitter followers.

Note; By 2020, the video search will account for 80% of the total search that means the videos are going to be the next best thing in the content advertising market.

Ensure that you post superlative videos that are informative and engaging; the customers are looking for precise brand communication that addresses their issue. Make certain that you post targeted videos like movie trailers, a food festival in the neighborhood or a promotional video on upcoming music concert. All these posts improve the engagement.

Use videos

Do not Integrate Twitter with other social media:

You must have heard people yelling at you saying why not you are integrating your social media? But I think that is wrong because each social media platform has a different motif and a different objective.

If you look at the behavior Facebook audiences, you will find out that the users on the Facebook are more fragmented while the Twitter users are a little serious and expressive. And integrating Twitter content with Facebook will only create a mismatch and result in abstraction.

The campaigns should specifically target the behaviorism of the particular audience group; if you study the Instagram followers, you will discover a different mindset altogether. Therefore, understanding of the human mind and psychosis is all the more important than any tips and tricks.

Well, from technological standpoint tips and tricks can help, but as far as the branding and content creations are concerned only insight into the human behavior can give you the exact idea of carrying out the superlative campaign.

So, make sure that you look at the analytics, use the online tools available to you and create campaigns that are targeted and insightful. Ultimately, the digital ecosystem will take over the advertising market in a few years and you should be equipped with knowledge and skills to capitalize on the opportunity.

It is time to improve your knowledge and deploy the proper Twitter marketing strategy to garner benefits. By following above-mentioned tricks and tips, you will be able to drive your growth, so, make sure that you understand each mentioned point and apply it correctly. Most importantly, you will have to do it regularly to create an impact.

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