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How to Report a Facebook Profile?

It’s easy to act inhuman while hiding behind a computer screen. With a billion users, Facebook is one such spot where menaces, scammers, impersonators, and others feel empowered to make an appearance. Some people use fake accounts on Facebook just to harass people mentally. They usually target individuals who are on Facebook to promote their business and market their brand.

Fake account that imitates other individuals aren’t permitted on Facebook. If you see any profile that is claiming to be you, somebody you know, or a public figure then you can report that profile on Facebook easily. You can perform this procedure on both mobile and desktop.

Facebook disabled nearly 1.3 billion “fake” accounts over the past two quarters, many of them bots.

If you want to report someone who has been impersonating you on Facebook, use the “Give Feedback” or “Report This Profile” options.   To make this attempt, read on!

Steps To Report a Profile -


① Open Facebook and sign in to your account.

log in


 ② Go to the person’s profile whom you want to report.

more option

 ③ Click on “Three dots” {more option} located at the bottom right of the cover photo.


more option

 ④ Click on “Give feedback or report this profile”.


give feedback

⑤ Select the reason for reporting the profile from the list of options given.

{On the basis of your feedback, your report will get submitted to Facebook.}

report reasons

Facebook is a platform where users are entitled to enjoy the daily feeds as well as to report the spam, bullying, graphic violence, and other violations to the Facebook terms of service.

In order to report a person’s profile, you have to go through a process which is quite simple- open Facebook and sign into your account from your device. Go to the page of the person whose profile you want to report and click on “Three dots” which will be located at the bottom right of the cover photo. Further, click  on “Give feedback or report this profile.” Choose a reason for reporting the profile from the list of options. According to your feedback, Facebook will look into your report.

Note: It is not necessary that Facebook will ban or take any serious actions against the account you are reporting. You just have to keep bothering Facebook by continuously reporting the person’ account.


Learn How To Report Facebook Profile:

Here, check out the video that will show you quick steps to report a Facebook profile. You can perform this process on both mobile and desktop.


When you report someone’s profile on Facebook, the company review it to take instant action. If the profile is completely fake, there are chances of removal of the profile. Apart from this, Facebook kept the information confidential of the user who reported the profile. But keep in mind, Facebook does not guarantee that it will remove the profile.

The availability of fake accounts and spammers on Facebook has been one of the biggest concerns in the past few years. Facebook disabled almost 1.3 billion of the fake accounts in the last two quarters in which it disabled 583 million fake accounts in the first quarter of 2018 and 694 million accounts in the fourth quarter of 2017. A majority of the accounts were disabled within minutes of the registration. However, Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t catch all the fake accounts. The company shows that 2 to 3 percent of its monthly users are counterfeit.

The data given by Facebook shows the following numbers:

•    4.3-7.9 % of the accounts were duplicates- multiple accounts created by the same person.

•    0.8-7.9 % of the accounts were misclassified- such as bot accounts created for different purposes.

•    0.4-1.2 % of the accounts were undesirable- accounts created to violate Facebook’s community standards. 

Facebook said it detected most of the fake accounts through their software algorithms and 1.5 percent of the disabled accounts were reported by users. On 12th March 2018, Facebook for the first time published data outlining the different categories of the content that it takes down regularly.

facebook data

Publishing the data is an excellent way for Facebook to show their users that they are concerned about their safety and protection. Despite this,  the company has been taking regular measures to wipe out spammy and phony users from their platform.

Facebook’s VP of analytics said that they are working on the safety and security of users and soon users will be entitled to report a lot more types of bad things.

Since Facebook rewrote its data policies and made changes in its community guidelines over the past few months, still it is difficult to determine whether the number of spammers on Facebook is escalating or declining as 8.7 percent of the fake accounts still reside on the platform.

We cannot rely only on Facebook for our cybersecurity, therefore it is our responsibility to take care of our closed ones on social media platform. It is important for every social media user to know how to report and identify the fake Facebook profile.

Check How To Identify The Fake Facebook Profile:

Facebook is a pool of users worldwide, but every person on the platform is not real and genuine. There are people on Facebook who may seek to get your information, efforts to destroy your reputation. How do you guard against predators like that? How will you identify that the profile on Facebook is real or fake? Here is how to do it!

Though it is not easy to identify fake Facebook profile, it is important to keep yourself safe from the counterfeit as they can harm you directly or indirectly.

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