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How to Find Out if You Have Been Restricted on Facebook?

Facebook’s “Restricted list” feature enables you to limit the visibility of your posts to certain friends instead of each Facebook friend you have. But, what if someone has restricted you from his/her account? How to find if you have been restricted on Facebook? Go through the tutorial and find out the easy steps to recognize the signs that someone has added you to the restricted list.  

Note:- {if someone has restricted you then you can only see their public posts and the posts in which you are tagged in.}

Go to your friend’s profile.

Facebook Profile



Look for the empty space at the top of their profile which indicates a gap between the public and private posts.

Check if all the posts are public.

restricted on facebook- click on public



Check if there is a sudden lack of content, like, the posts that was visible to you in the past.

Note:- “Ask a mutual friend to look at your friend’s timeline to ensure that you have been restricted or not.”

Mutual Friends



Moreover, if you are unable to see shared posts of your Facebook friend then there are chances that he/she may have added you to their Restricted list.


To confirm, if you have been added to the restricted list go through the following steps- go to your friend’s profile and look for the empty space at the top of their profile. The empty space shows the gap between the public and the private posts, means you cannot view the private posts of the person anymore. Moreover, ask a mutual friend to look at your friend’s timeline to make sure that you have been restricted or not.  

For any social media networking site, it is important to set the privacy settings to avoid any violation and harassment from fraudulent and abusive activities. So, do not hesitate to restrict or block someone if you find the person suspicious. Hope the tutorial helped you, in case you have any query or doubt, write us in the comment section. 


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