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The Secret Way To Gain Likes With Instagram Stories

Instagram Story has become one of the top trends on social media, defeating its competitor Snapchat with an average of over 300 million story uploads. One of the major reasons for the success of the Instagram story section are the features like stickers, fun filters, live video streaming, and much more to keep the audience engaged with it. The Instagram story section nudge the audience to produce eye-catching content. In fact, more than one-half of the daily users like to watch Instagram stories before viewing posts on their feed.

With such a massive audience who is constantly looking for creative content, every marketer and video creator should take advantage of the story feature to expand their reach as well as to get more likes on their Instagram’s posts. There is a simple strategy you need to follow while posting content as a story- each time you upload a new story on your Instagram profile, ensure to add the relevant hashtags. This will simply jump your reach to a large extent and give you unexpected results. 

Wandering how an Instagram story can increase the number of likes on your profile and how it can be beneficial for marketers, then this article is for you. Here, we will be discussing a few more techniques apart from hashtags using which you can increase likes on your Instagram posts.

1. Use Swipe-Up Feature:

Use Swipe-Up Feature

The swipe-up feature is only available for accounts with 10,000 or more followers and if you haven’t got there yet then it is a good growth goal to aim for.

Once you have got this feature, then you can use it at the end of your stories to tell people to swipe-up for more information about your new posts.

The swipe-up feature directs people to your official website where they can view all your products and services. People visiting your website are likely to land on your Instagram profile as well to check your previous and recent posts. So, this is one way to increase engagement and get more likes from new audiences on Instagram.

2. Make Full Use Of The Hashtags:

One of the most effective ways to drive more audience to your Instagram stories is the hashtag sticker. Using trending hashtags will make your stories appear on the page with all the top posts that are tagged in a  particular hashtag. 

Another reason why you should use the Instagram story for marketing purpose or gain likes on your Instagram profile is viewer can follow his/her favorite hashtag easily. Instagram made it possible for users to follow their favorite hashtags, similar to how they follow their favorite Instagram accounts. The new “hashtag profiles” appear in users regular feed as well as in their stories.

Note: More Engagement = More Likes

Stories are an innovative way to drive more engagement to your profile, it also increases the probability of getting more likes on your posts as there are maximum chances of users visiting your profile like your posts.

3. Get Your Story On The Explore Page:

The explore page on Instagram can help you in the success of your Instagram account as this feature provides a personalized experience for each user. There are millions of users who visit the explore page on Instagram, but each user’s explore page is different. Instagram show posts and stories on the explore page as per the user’s interest. 

The Instagram algorithm works as per the users’ interest- what sort of content the user visits more, similar content he discovers on his/her newsfeed. However, in order to get your stories on other users “explore page,” your profile must be set to public.

Once you have posted a story on your Instagram profile and most of your followers have seen it, then there are chances that Instagram might send your stories on their explore page. It also increases the chances that people will visit your profile out of curiosity as your post or story has been featured by Instagram in the first place.

4. Use Polls, Questions, And Swipe Meter:

Make use of the polls to survey your audiences and ask them for feedback. Use this feature to ask them which type of your posts they like the most and use their feedback in the development of your future posts. Before using this feature you need to know that all the results are public and all your followers can see it, therefore you need to make sure that you are comfortable to see the followers reactions on your account. 

You get an “Ask me anything” format with the questions which enable your audience to ask and get you to know about your previous or future posts. 

The swipe meter enables you to survey your audiences and get their thoughts on your posts and services.

5. Get Creative With The Capture Modes:

Get Creative With The Capture Modes

It is not necessary to only include regular videos and images in your story as Instagram provides different capture modes such as “Live,” “Boomerang,” “Stop motion,” “Super-zoom” to help users maximize their ideas of content creation. 

These mentioned features will allow you to post constantly and give your viewers an even better viewing experience. The different capture modes can be accessed by swiping up across the words at the bottom of your story screen.

Live: allows you to broadcast live session and receive real-time views and comments from your audiences. 

Boomerang: allows you to create a 3-second looping soundless video somewhat similar to a GIF.

Rewind: reverse your video.

Stop-motion: collaborates multiple pictures to create one seamless video.

Superzoom: automatically zooms in with dramatic music.

So, these are some of the features using which you can create even more striking posts and attract more users towards your profile.

Note: Make sure to keep your Instagram app updated in order to enjoy all the new features.

6. Drive Traffic To Your Feed:

If you have recently posted new content on your Instagram profile, you can take advantage of the story feature to drive more audiences to your feed. Once you have made a post, then you just need to tap on the share button on the post. From there, click on “Add post to your story.”  After doing it,  you can add your copy, along with any other features you’d like from Stories, such as polls, hashtags, and additional photos or videos.

Stories are a creative and fun way to engage as much as followers on Instagram. They are also a cool way to communicate and showcase your persona with a large mass of audience. Using any of the above tips will help to get more likes on Instagram. Using a combination of several features and tips together can also speed up the rate at which your engagement and overall growth occur. 

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