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Share Your SoundCloud Tracks Directly to Instagram Stories

Soundcloud is a streaming site and app that works as a booster for those who love music, and it sounds bizarre if someone would tell us that he/she has no knowledge about Soundcloud. The music sharing site and the app has offered a platform to millions of people through which they can share their music globally. It allows everyone to upload their music albums to various social media platforms. SoundCloud enables the musician to showcase their musical talent worldwide. SoundCloud was launched in 2007 as a social media network for musicians, which soon became the best way of sharing music with the listener.

SoundCloud has offered marvelous service to the users throughout its journey and now it is making it easier to share music directly to Instagram. On October 23, 2018, the company announced its new feature that enables users to share their SoundCloud tracks to Instagram Stories, means –bye-bye to screenshots!

This new feature is not only the biggest addition for passionate fans, but it is also an upgrade to the app on which millions of creators working hard to establish their careers in music with SoundCloud. With the latest update, music creators can promote their most-recent tracks easily to an extensive range of audience and can get fans’ feedback as quickly as possible. This new update of SoundCloud with Instagram is rolling among the users and getting great success with billions of users. This latest versions of the SoundCloud and Instagram is available on both iOS and Android.

With this update, a user will have to share the tracks as a link that appears within “Instagram Stories”. And to listen to the music track, the user would be required to hit the option –“Play on SoundCloud” link, which then takes the user directly to the SoundCloud app for such music.

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How SoundCloud’s New Feature Works?

• To use the new feature, you need to search for the track you want to share.

Share SoundCloud Tracks On Instagram - Search Track


• Click on the “Share” icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Share SoundCloud Tracks On Instagram - Click On Share option

• Click on the “Instagram” icon or select the option – “Share to Instagram Stories”, based on whether you are using iOS or Android. The link to the track then shared directly to your “Instagram Stories”.

Share SoundCloud Tracks On Instagram - Share On Instagram Stories

** To listen, users click on the “Play on SoundCloud” link located at the top of “Instagram Story”.

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SoundCloud holds the highest record among all the screaming services with a count of 190 million tracks from 20 million creators. It is an amazing app to enjoy the crunch of music, and after the addition of the new feature, it has created a boom in the market. So do not wait for long and enjoy its new feature with the above-mentioned guidelines. Make new music, share it to the world and enjoy the updated playlist on SoundCloud.

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