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Social Media Facts to Boost Social Presence In 2018

facts about social media

These days many of the online business or e-commerce websites are highly dependent on the social media sites for promoting their products and services, in order to boost their sales. Some of the top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are having a huge social media base and thus, it helps businesses to get a wider platformMany of the benefits are associated with e-commerce businesses that work online and take the best help of social media. Apart from offering businesses a wider platform where they can display their products, they also offer them to gain customers from all over the world. It is not at all limited to one place.

Even if a customer is located in a different part of the world, they can purchase any product or service in one click. Social media is really transforming people lives and businesses in a positive way. They are offering people to explore and learn different things with every passing day.

All these popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are enjoying a different number of attractive social media facts which you must know, if you are a keen follower of social media sites then you must read these facts which are boosting the social media presence in the present year, 2018.

Quick facts about Facebook, top trending social media site

This is one website of social media which is ruling the world. Every other person on this planet who is above 16 years of age is on this site. It comes with a user-friendly interface, the sheer size, and many more alluring features. Some of the facts that you must be aware of your favorite social media site are,

  • It is having more than 1.50 billion number of active users
  • Its revenue is hitting the market
  • More than 1 billion number of its users log in on this site in one day.
  • There are more than 655 million numbers of people that use Facebook from their mobile actively
  • Their revenue of mobile ads at present is 76 percent of their total earnings
  • In a given month, more than 1.28 billion numbers of people are active on Facebook which is equal to the whole Indian population
  • Around 35 percent of the Americans around the world get the latest news from this social media site
Quick facts about Facebook


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Twitter facts

This is also the popular social media site which works as the online news platform and even as a social media platform wherein the different users interact with messages and keep on posting their updates, that are termed as Tweets. Some of the amazing facts about this social media site are,

  • Twitter is having a blue color bird logo. Its name is Larry
  • This site is having more than 320 million number of active users, which is less than Facebook of course
  • Out of the 320 million users, you can find 100 million of them who are active on this site
  • Many users are having an account on the tweet but as per the statistics, 44% of them have never tweeted online
  • Many of the top world leaders are having their personal twitter accounts which are either handled by them or their PA’s. The frequency of their tweets varies from person to person.
  • Around 10% of the Americans in the world make use of this twitter platform during their working hours
  • The tweets which are having the images in their posts, get number of clicks as compared to the one which doesn’t have images
  • The last fact about this social media site is, the more you will tweet on this site, the number of followers you can fetch easily.
Twitter facts


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Interesting facts about Instagram

This social media site is the one which has grown very fast and has become an all-time favorite for many of the people. There are many bloggers that have made their accounts on this site and having an endless number of followers. This is more of the visual site which allows users to post their photos and stories online.

Apart from photos or images, people can also post videos on this site. You must read some of the interesting facts about Instagram here

  • It is having more than 400 million numbers of active users
  • Many people actively scroll Instagram every day and post photos or stories on a regular basis.
  • You can find all age group people on this site
  • This site got released in the year 2010 in the month of October and within two months of its release only, it had one million number of users, while Twitter took more than 2 years to come up to this level.
  • Their feature version is really exciting for the people
  • You can find more than 17 billion number of photos on Instagram which are uploaded by its users since its release
  • Some of the top brands perform their online promotions mainly on Instagram as it helps them in getting prospective buyers
Interesting facts about Instagram

There are many other social media sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others that are trending online and getting used by a large number of people. All of them are having a different number of followers base and people are active on them religiously. People have made these social media sites as their important part of life. No matter whether it’s your personal life your business life, these social media sites are helping people to get entertained, educate and earn in many ways. Some of them act as personal entertainment for them with which they can chat with their distant friends, while some of them make use of these sites to earn a profit.

Many of the top-notch brands, celebrities, political leaders and other famous personalities or growing brands are active on these social media sites. It is the best platform for all of them to learn, grow and succeed in the digital era.

The facts mentioned above are lesser known social media facts but are really helpful to know as to how it will boost the social media presence in the year 2018.

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