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What Should Be The SoundCloud’s Profile Picture and Header Size?

Make your profile image and header creative, but keeping it under SoundCloud’s orientation and the format is important. Your image should be attractive so that your SoundCloud followers can recognize you with the best impression. There are various things through which you can make your profile picture and header attractive likes it quality, effects, theme, colors, and a lot more, but it’s size and dimension format is the priority to keep in mind.

SoundCloud’s Profile Picture

SoundCloud’s Profile Picture


SoundCloud accepts any images up to 2mb in size. While selecting an image for your SoundCloud’s profile, make sure it is a .jpg or .png of at least 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels. After selecting the image that you want to upload, drag the image left or right or zoom in and out of the image to manage it in the circle. Here, you can easily add or change your image directly on your profile page as well as through your profile’s edit page.

You can scroll over the image you have selected, and further click on “Update Image”. Select the file from your computer device and then click “Save”. But, you cannot delete or remove the profile image from your account directly. If you are not stratified with your profile image you can replace it with something else.

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SoundCloud’s Header


SoundCloud’s Header


SoundCloud’s header size need to be of .jpg or .png images of at least 2480 x 520 pixels along with a 2MB size limit. Profile header can be uploaded from the profile page directly. Keep your header image without text as it will be cut or cropped on smaller screens.

After selecting the image, drag the image up and down or zoom in and out to arrange it in an aesthetic manner. If you are facing difficulty while using the zoom in and out option then it means your image is smaller than 1240 x 260 pixels.

If you want to change or remove the header image, then just click on “Update Image” option. If you remove or delete your header image, then the profile header would change parallel to colors in your profile image.

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Set your profile image and header according to the SoundCloud’s format and try to make it attractive and little more professional as before heading towards your music tracks, people will see your profile image as well as the header of the site. Your profile image represents your music style, genre and tells about your aura before you tell it to someone, so make sure to keep it correct, presentable as well as eye-catchy.

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