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SoundCloud Hits Milestone of 200 Million Tracks

World’s best music streaming service SoundCloud has reached a massive content milestone in outstanding 200 million tracks uploaded on the platform. Throughout its 10 years of service, SoundCloud has worn significant headwinds, but a few days back SoundCloud marks one of their biggest successes. 

In 2016, SoundCloud had 125 million tracks across all its subscriptions, therefore getting 200 million tracks is quite a jump in uploaded content within just a couple of years. Recently, SoundCloud declared that they have reached to 200 million uploads, which is an amazing account compared to other music streaming sites. 

Spotify’s catalog has more than 35 million tracks, as well as Apple Music, holds 45 million tracks, which is quite below than SoundCloud. 

Other music streaming websites stick with traditional music trends, but SoundCloud’s uploads usually hit the market with multiple numbers of edits, mashups, remixes, DJ mixes, and other milestone gray area materials which may not have any original rights holders. This tricks and strategies have always been a part of SoundCloud’s appeal since its beginning. Also, it has been a spike in its area as copyright has always been a looming problem.  

SoundCloud has hard-pressed through a path of updates over the earlier period aiming to make its services more friendly and advanced for creators, which have been a great trick in the competitive market. Besides, SoundCloud collaborated every right with clearance, incorporated with DJ software, and opened up its self-monetization program to the public to allow creators to go around the conventional label and allocation models. 

Although 200 million tracks is a sign that people still want a platform to upload their musical creations. With an account of 200 million tracks, SoundCloud shows its accessibility and credibility to the creators. However, in 2017, engagement data showed that SoundCloud had a significant drop in users’ attention, while Spotify proceeded along with the substantial engagement. In 2018, Spotify hit the market with 87 million paying subscribers, whereas one analyst pegged paying SoundCloud users at just around 100,000.

Though SoundCloud faces high competition from a large community like Spotify, Apple and a lot more, the service continued to maintain its best level for artists, which is the best part to survive in the competitive market. 



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