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10 tricks to get more Soundcloud plays in 2019


If music is something that makes your heart beat; if it is in your blood to create incredible pieces of music and soundtracks, then in all likelihood you are already a registered user on Soundcloud. A music streaming site and App, it has been a godsend to many people out there who believed in their musical powers but had no one listening to them. 

soundcloud users

SoundCloud reaches 320 million global users monthly.


This music sharing site and App has enabled millions of users across the world to upload and share their audio albums across various social media sites, thereby allowing budding musicians to promote and broadcast their talent to people across nations and continents. They have garnered SoundCloud plays over a period of time (but you can gain SoundCloud plays quickly as well) which has helped their music career. The company was launched in Berlin in 2008 and had about 1 million users by 2010. By 2014 the company announced that it had approximately 175 million registered users and listeners.

While all this sounds impressive and remarkable, the truth is that not every musician who has uploaded his records and soundtracks has got enviable traction on Soundcloud. Which means that even if as a creator of music, you may be spending hours, days and months making good music and putting them up on Soundcloud expecting listeners to play them and follow you but the statistics – the numbers, in reality, are far from your expectation. In other words, you are not getting enough Soundcloud plays; your music is not looking that good on the platform and hence failing to garner attention from the right people. It is quite discouraging! What is it then that you can do to make the numbers look good?

“170 million of sound tracks are uploaded till now.”

Tricks to get more SoundCloud plays

When you start career as a musician, you must understand one thing – that it is a crowded market out there and to catch the attention of music lovers and listeners is not going to be an easy task. But that should surely not prevent you from taking advantage and using the facilities available on this online streaming platform. The truth is that if you are already on Soundcloud, then you are on the right track. Listed below are few easy-to-use tricks that could be used by promising artists to improve the stats and start building and growing their fan base.


1.Instant Increase 

To grow your fan base inorganically and thereby ensure higher Soundcloud plays, you can invest in buying Soundcloud plays. Buying likes and plays is a proven marketing methodology today with even corporate companies indulging in this from time to time. There are many reliable companies in the social media market that provide authentic and real-time followers and genuine Soundcloud plays. It comes at a price but is worth the effort to help your tracks get better mileage and promotion.

2. Share On Social Media 

share on social media

Sharing the track on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest will enable a large viewership of the post and tweet. You could also request your Soundcloud followers to share the link, track, teasers on their respective social media platforms.

a.Facebook: It is pretty easy to integrate the Soundcloud track into Facebook as an embedded playable track by simply pasting the URL of the track on your FB page. Over time, a special fan page can be created where track samples can be uploaded for your fans.

b.YouTube: YouTube is another convenient option that can be used to promote your Soundcloud audios. Since the integration between Soundcloud and YouTube is not as easy as other platforms, hence this medium can be and should be used for promotion by posting teasers, putting up the embedded link in the YouTube video and redirecting interested listeners to your Soundcloud page.

c.Twitter: this is one of the most effective media of providing live updates to your listeners and followers on your music releases.

d.Pinterest: have your Soundcloud track pinned as an image on Pinterest using the Pinmarklet feature on Soundcloud. The image could be the album cover or any other relevant picture.


3.SoundCloud Groups 

SoundCloud Groups

Next is to become members of different groups on SoundCloud – since this feature is free of cost, it will not hurt you to socialize a bit. The benefit is that once you become part of the various group you could share your tracks with them thereby helping the music get natural SoundCloud plays.


4.Customized Images

Add custom header images and specific descriptions talk about the music piece. It is important that this header should be a good mix of high-resolution and explicit images and creative descriptive. Making the header professional by adding credits, lyrics, etc. will make it more appealing.



Use the waveform to narrate your story; make it interactive asking for feedback from your listeners. This platform tracks your music as waveforms in which the audio is divided into many specific parts. Listeners can comment, like, review these segregated parts and their communications are displayed while the part is playing. Making it interactive means that you could also comment on these parts. You could also seek help to make a particular part sound better.


6.Album Cover 

Hire a designer to make your album cover beautiful and impressive. It is because once the album cover gets coverage on social media, it is your music that is getting represented. Hence it is essential to make it attractive and truly symbolize your audio.


7. Offer Free Downloads

Offer Free Downloads

Offering a free download is a sensible idea to popularize your genre of music amongst millions of listeners available on the platform. It is a fundamental human nature, and music lovers are no different. Once you offer this facility, your Soundcloud plays are going to increase within no time.


8.Share Songs

Share Songs

One very effective method of getting noticed is to share songs and musical creations of other artists, especially if you have some favorites. Since Soundcloud is more like a community for music lovers and appreciators, it is good to support others by sharing and commenting and in turn, watch your following and plays grow.


9.Tag Your Song 

 Tags are crucial to increasing Soundcloud plays. Of course, one should not over-do. Keep it limited but choose the right and relevant tags so that the Soundcloud algorithms can locate your record and recommend the same to its users on high priority.


10. Follow Back

Similar to growing your follower base at other social media platforms, you must follow and counter follow other artists and musicians. It helps because in this way followers of another artist notice you and get tempted to listen to your tracks and albums. When a Soundcloud user follows you, and you follow him back, it helps in two ways – one, you create an instant connection with this person and secondly, you would create more exposure to your release as his groups and followers will be able to view your uploaded album and check the same.

Creating a masterpiece is as essential as knowing how to market it well to find the right audience. It is true that making a great song or a piece on a musical instrument is not enough in this already crowded internet medium. You need to do things differently to get noticed and get due recognition. Using some of the tricks above will help you move in the right direction. Since this is an evolving medium, keep yourself engaged dynamically with the medium to discover ways to get more Soundcloud plays.

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