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SoundCloud Rolls Out DJ Software Integration With Virtual DJ

There is great news for producers, and DJ’s as the popular music streaming site SoundCloud has integrated its software with Virtual DJ.  The platform announced its first DJ performance Serato. The launch marks the first time DJs that will have instant access to SoundCloud’s one-of-a-kind streaming catalog, directly through professional DJ performance software.  The integration will offer a better opportunity for the music composers to stream and mix SoundCloud’s complete list of tracks in better quality audio with SoundCloud Go+ premium subscription.   

Already established the bursting experience into DJ performance software market through Serato, they have got the large plans to expand further into the Virtual DJ platforms too.  The integration allowed users (creators/composers) to stream and merge SoundCloud’ enormous catalog of original tracks in high-quality audio through SoundCloud Go+ premium consumer subscription with Serato DJ Pro 2.1 or DJ Lite 1.1.

The new release is an excellent step in the music streaming industry for DJs. Here is how users can start building mix with SoundCloud. 

  • Download and log into Serato Pro 2.1 or DJ Lite 1.1.
  • Activate SoundCloud within Serato and log in using their SoundCloud Go+ premium subscription username and password.
  • Restart the Serato DJ application to access the saved SoundCloud playlists, to search, mix and stream from SoundCloud’s huge playlist live.

SoundCloud Go+ enables listeners to go 200 million tracks among the 20 million music composers, without any additional activities like advertisements, high-quality audio streaming, and offline Sync.  The easiest way of using  SoundCloud Go+ is by buying a standard SoundCloud Go + subscription pack for $9.99 per month. If you are a student, then you can get SoundCloud subscription with a discounted price of $4.99 per month. DJ’s can buy a SoundCloud Go+ subscription for $4.99 per month, and they can also buy a package of SoundCloud pro unlimited and SoundCloud Go+ together at just $16.99 per month.

Note: SoundCloud Go+ is available on the SoundCloud app on Apple’s app store and Google play store.    

Later this year SoundCloud will launch DEX3, Native Instruments, Mixvibes, and Hercules versions which will definitely bring the creators to the next level of success.  This new launch is great, but SoundCloud was going through multiple issues, but it seems good that they are continuing their efforts to make the customers happy. 

Note: Try SoundCloud Go+ account and use the Virtual DJ integration. It even comes with a 30-day free trial.

Overall, this is great news for the creators as it will provide better options to get ahead of the game. With the 200 million tracks from more than 20 creators, users can head over to SoundCloud now and sync up your Virtual DJ software as soon as possible.

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