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SoundCloud Rolls Out New iOS Profile Configuration

SoundCloud has upgraded its profile page layout for the iOS users. The new profile was released on 2nd April 2019 which has some new configuration to keep the users’ identity, tracks uploads, likes and repost at front and center. 

SoundCloud comes under the list of top music streaming websites which has always benefited the users with its advanced features and tools. Now the music streaming site has come up with the new configuration that will benefit all the users who are running the SoundCloud’s app on iOS version.  Despite, for artists, it could be a successful release. 

How Old Layout Is Different From The New One?

The old profile page configuration was outdated and challenging to access. It provides limited options for creators to showcase their talent, best music tracks, biography, and music. Whereas its new design has tremendously improved the user interface. Creators and artists will have the opportunity to showcase their profile photo, bio, and header images. Creators will also have a  “pin to spotlight” feature. Now the users/creators/artists will have the well-organized setup for their music tracks, and only relevant users data will be the center for followers and new visitors/listeners. 

Additionally, the new profile page layout will now show the number of followers on an artist’s profile along with the number of people the artist follow. The new profile layout resembles with the Instagram or Twitter profile page, where the main profile page will show creators’  top tracks, latest tracks, and playlists. With such new options, it has also added a “Share” button through which users could easily share their profile and specific tracks to other social media platforms

What about Android Users?

SoundCloud has always been the best music streaming website for both iOS and Android users. It has grabbed the top rank among all the music streaming sites and now with the new profile page layout for iOS it has given users another reason to love the app. But after the release of the new configuration for iOS users, SoundCloud gave no update on Android’s new profile page layout – might the Android users have to wait for the new profile configuration. For now, iOS users can update the SoundCloud’s latest update to easily leverage the new features. 

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