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SoundCloud’s New Promotional Trends for Artists

SoundCloud has been known for the world’s largest audio open platform and it is trying to add some new promotional trends for artists and creators. Since the SoundCloud Premier was launched, it has boosted the interest of creators and artists by offering a revenue sharing rate, and an opportunity to reach the audience easily to promote music tracks worldwide in real-time.

“As of August 2018, SoundCloud  has 271.97 million users.”

Alongside SoundCloud is one of the pioneering platforms to showcase your music talent squarely. SoundCloud has brought up some new marketing and promotional trends to help every artist in aspects of career, popularity, and revenue in and out of the platform.

“SoundCloud  reaches to 175 million users monthly.”

The new promotional trends empower musicians and artists to easily make money from their music and to establish their career as they have expected. Everything you need to know about SoundCloud’s New Promotional Trends for Artists-


1.  Fresh Pressed Tracks:

fresh pressed

If you are about to launch a new track or album, your new track will be eligible for promotional rotation in featured playlists including new music feature “Fresh Pressed” on SoundCloud home.


2.  Media Promotions:

Media promotions

New tracks will be up for weekly and monthly limelight promotions across the social media channels, email newsletter placements, video promo spots, platform-wide audio, as well as the out-of-home marketing opportunities offered by SoundCloud.


3.  Partnership Opportunities:

Partnership opportunities

SoundCloud collaborates with top brands across the world for partnership or can say as enterprise connection that provides them more exposure worldwide, and more money in their bucket.


4.  Live Events:

Live Events

Premier users will have the opportunity to join SoundCloud live concerts and pop-up performances.

“According to the spokesperson, SoundCloud will add more opportunities to encourage musicians in garnishing their live concert and increase their followers.”

SoundCloud offers the additional educational resources for premier users to maximize their followers.

In an interview, Kerry Trainor, CEO, stated:

“SoundCloud has seen accelerated growth over the last two quarters, and as we grow, we want to ensure creators on the platform grow with us”.

SoundCloud premier option combines revenue share with promotional trends for artists to squarely communicate with the audience and well-organized options to reach global fans base. SoundCloud members represent an extensive range of music traditions as there are Louis the Child, Blackbear, Lil Yachty, Kali Uchis and lot more.

“SoundCloud has a very unique community and a group of listeners, so it’s great to come to SoundCloud to connect directly with my fans and build my fan base, and also make money” said Grammy-nominated producer/multi-instrumentalist/DJ and SoundCloud member.

In a blog post, Lorine Chia stated that “SoundCloud Premier has been great. Through the program, I was connected to a campaign with Under Armour that gave me more exposure, and some coin”.

SoundCloud is helping creators and artists by branding them with big marketing campaigns, which is a great opportunity for people who are honestly wanted to establish their career in music platform.

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