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Tips To Increase Organic Instagram Likes And Reach

Increase Organic Instagram Likes

Opening an Instagram account is not enough; you have to learn the art of increasing your likes organically. And it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to increase reach. As you know, the Instagram is popular among fun-loving people. Here seriousness can be reduced to hilarious comedy. Hence, all your effort should be directed towards creating interesting content.

The below mentioned are a few surefire ways of enhancing your Instagram presence; be it a brand or a personal page, these simple tips and tricks can earn you more Instagram likes. Let’s look at them;

Attractive Instagram bio:

The bio is the most important aspect of your Instagram page; it projects your brand image; hence, make sure that you mention clearly about yourself and the areas of the interests, products or services. You should also add a call to action; ultimately, you need your audiences to do something, not just browse and forget.

Attractive Instagram bio

Use of emojis to enhance discoverability:

The emojis in Instagram are pretty defined; if you look at the posts, you are bound to discover that emojis are used rampantly. People search certain product, services or people using emojis. For instance, if you are a photographer, you can use a camera emoji to improve your discoverability.

In addition, the emojis also give your posts and brands a tone and a psychological disposition that helps you in creating a top of the mind brand because people can remember a super cute emoji.

Use of emojis


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Use best visual effects:

The Instagram is all about pictures and visual appeal; ensure that you create coherence between the images and your brand ideology.

For instance, if you are a financial institution, make sure that you use blue color because this is the most customer-centric color. If you are a women’s apparel brand, then the pink color can go a long way. Each color has emotional and psychological significance, hence, ensure that you understand the cultural manifestation of each color and post images accordingly.

best visual effects


Know your audience:

If you do not know what works and what does not, then you are simply wandering aimlessly; if you look at your posts and the likes, then you will have a fair idea about your audiences’ preferences. Once you understand their likes and dislikes, you can craft content according to taste your followers’ taste.

Use of hashtags:

The hashtags are the unique way of exposing your brand and content to a huge number of audiences, but the hashtags have been greatly misunderstood. You simply cannot use a series of hashtags and expect people to follow you. The hashtags must be industry specific.

You have to identify the relevant hashtags, make certain that you do not use more than four hashtags because it hurts the readability.

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Use of hashtags

Be Action-oriented:

Make sure that you ask your followers to do something like ask them to tag a friend, share the post or upload their favorite food. This can greatly improve the reach and engagement. Ultimately, as a business owner, you need people to buy your product and services; this is the surefire way of creating that habit of taking action. Remember, the human is the creature of habit and everything human does has its roots in the habits.



When people comment on your post, you should be reciprocating to their comments; in fact, it does not make sense to post the images and forget them; you have to act and react. The chain of action and reaction must continue if you want to increase your engagement.

Promote your niche:

You should be looking to boost your reach in your niche, and there is no better way than liking the photos of other people in your niche; you can also leave comments, ensure that you leave genuine comments. People can differentiate between authenticity and casual acts. By liking and leaving comments, you will be increasing your discoverability.

your niche

Promote your Instagram account:

If you are available in multiple social media channels, then you should consider asking your follower on Facebook and Twitter to like your Instagram profile, this will give more followers; perhaps, easily.

Geotag pictures:

You just visited a restaurant and loved the Pizza; all you need to do is Geotag the picture, which means, you will have to tag the photo with a location. It will attract the like-minded audience; you directly talk to your niche, right?

Geotag pictures

Create quote graphics:

It is important to create post quotes with superlative images; in fact, quotes can be inspiring and instigate instant action. You can capitalize on the split-second decision making capability of the humans.

The humans tend to take decision pretty quickly which is why marketers and retail stores run enticing offers in the store because human does not think rationally always. Human is more instinctive and less rational. A beautiful inspiring quote can attract people and force them to like the post. Yeah, you are dealing with unconscious human motifs. But make sure that you give credit if you just happen to copy the quotes from someone.

Create quote graphics


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Run a campaign:

Look at the corporate structure and you will realize that human responds to the awards. Ensure that you run giveaway campaigns to attract more followers. You should be asking the followers to take some actions likes tagging or sharing the posts to unravel the gift or giveaways that they are about to win. Every winner will expose your profile hence bringing more followers.

Run a campaign

The Instagram is a platform where you find people who love to showcase beauty, talent, and love to enhance their personality. So, make sure that you understand the minds of your audience. The real game lies in understanding human behavior, the day you completely understand the human behaviorism, you can rule the world.

Ensure that you read regularly and educate yourself on the current trends and topics; apparently, the information is power and with the adequate knowledge you can improve your reach organically. Use the above-stated tips mindfully and test your campaign performance, use the analytics to understand what works the best. You are living in a data-driven world; so, ensure that you understand the importance of data.

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