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Top 10 Ways To Get Retweets

Growing engagement on your content means that you need to pay for it or earn it. To boost your opportunities of getting retweeted is not as simple as it looks and is not as difficult as it sounds. Retweets lead to more influence, more web traffics and more followers as well. The latest research shows that there are over 550 million active Twitter users as of April 2013, 58 million new tweets daily and 153,000 new Twitter users every day. These statistics show that there are big chunks of people who are using Twitter.

Possibility to reach on Twitter is huge and so is your competition. There are numbers of marketers just like you, competing for attention in the Twitter space.  In the following tutorial discover the list of top 10 quick and easy way to get more retweets that can lead to more retweets as quick as possible-

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Pin Tweets On The Top Of Your Profile

One of the easiest tricks to increase the retweets is as simple as it sounds. Pin your tweet on the top of your profile, it would take a couple of seconds to do this, but definitely, it will work as the way you expect. This strategy works because once people visit your page and when they get there, tweet on your profile will be waiting for them to see.

Pin Tweets

Use More Colorful Images:

Images and visuals work! As per the studies, tweets with colorful images get more engagement more than tweet without images. This simply means that if your tweets do not have visuals in it, you are missing a lot of retweets! One of the best things you can do to get retweets – use colorful images in as many tweets you can. If you use the visuals then you would get the advantage to extend the character limit since you can incorporate the text into visuals.

Use Hashtags:

The following rate chart will easily help anyone to understand the importance of Hashtags in any tweet. Research shows that using 1-2 hashtags a tweet could increase the engagement of the target audience. Are you aware that 1% to 2% of the tweets on Twitter includes hashtags? They may not sound like a huge amount, but a majority of people use hashtags in their tweet because a good amount of audience might also follow the hashtags that can benefit you for more retweets.

Therefore if you would use popular hashtags, your tweets will be more likely seen by others, which will definitely lead to more retweets.

Use Hashtags

Use Links To Your Tweets:

There is a huge difference between tweets with links and tweets without links. If you see the image below, you will notice that 17.97% of all tweets consist of the link. But when we see to retweets, a big amount of 65.96% of users contains a link. So, if you want your tweets to be retweeted, it would be a better option to use a link.

Several studies have confirmed that using a link within tweets will give a better result and help in generating more retweets.

Use Links

Be a Retweeter Yourself

It is important to be generous with your retweets, those around you will be more expected to reciprocate. If you will retweet to others than you expect in return, and the return is always greater than you expect! If you will retweet other people regularly and they are far more expected to return the favor.

Use “Retweet” not “RT”

The importance of using the complete word “Retweet” rather than using just “RT” is evident here. Almost 2.5 % retweets happen when using the “Retweet” vs only 0.17 when using the shortened version. That is an increase of nearly 1400%!


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Leave Home for Retweets

How often do you cancel a retweet just because you can incorporate words in your comment into the retweet message? Well, it’s a lot. If you are using all 140 characters in your tweet then your followers would require to edit your tweets before they could add in their retweet. And that would be a little annoying as people are lazy. Tweet that’s need extensive editing work simply slowly to get more retweets, so it is advised to limit your tweets in between 80-110 characters.

Best Time To Tweet

Tweeting at the right time is the significant factor for all. After all, there is no point in pushing out tweets when none of your followers are turned in, agree? According to research, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST is the best time to ask for a retweet. But it does not mean that all the followers may available on Twitter at the same time. So, here you can use a free Twitter analysis tools that analyze where your current followers are from and what time zone do they follow to tweet.

Best Time To Tweet

Avoid Least Tweetable Words

Here are the least retweeted words that tend to be avoided for a better result-

  • game
  • going
  • haha
  • home
  • lol
  • but
  • watching
  • work
  • night
  • bed
  • well
  • sleep
  • hey
  • tomorrow
  • tired
  • some
  • gonna
  • back
  • bored
  • listening

Ask for it

Simply asking for a retweet can generate better engagement, yes it seems shabby but it is perfectly fine, as it really works. Because people often need a call to action. But make sure whenever you ask for the retweet use the full word to get the good impact, as in “please retweet”- never use “pls RT”.

Well, did you get the most common and significant factors throughout the post? All such tricks will help you to get more retweets easily and quickly.

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