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Top Reasons Why You Are Getting Lesser Likes On Your Instagram Posts

Instagram is all about engagement ,and if you are not getting enough likes, comments, and shares from your followers on your posts then maybe you are not making good use of the site. Due to the constant growth of the platform, Instagram keeps on changing its algorithms on a daily basis which can result in lesser likes for the majority of the users. However, one of the major issue with not getting proper engagement on your profile is that accounts nowadays are judged upon their engagement metrics. If Instagram’s algorithm estimates the account to be valuable only then it will increase the reach of the particular profile and make it visible to more users. In this article, we will try to explain all the possible reasons why you are not getting likes on your posts and what things you can do to fix the issue.

Reasons Why You Are Getting Fewer Likes On Your Posts:

  • Suspension of the bots.
  • Shadowban.
  • Hashtags not working.
  • Switching to a business account.
  • Change in Instagram’s algorithm.
  • Not making use of the story feature.
  • Consistency.

Above mentioned are some of the top reasons why you are seeing a fall in your likes matrices on Instagram. For each of the reason mentioned, we are going to explain what really is going on and also provide you with some essential tips to increase likes again.

1. Suspension Of The Bots:

You might be still unaware of the fact that using bots and automatic post schedulers are against Instagram’s policy. Last month, one of the most famous Instagram’s bots app was shut by Instagram meaning more than thousands of accounts denied of getting automatic likes from the bot accounts.

Same goes with the comments, if you ever got comments such as “nice photo”, “cool”, “check out my account” etc., or you have been a victim of the follow-unfollow trend previously then you don’t have to worry anymore as the social media platform has got rid of this particular spam too. However, this also means that now you will have fewer likes on your posts and fewer followers on your profile as the bots and spammers were also there who were liking your posts. 

Fewer bots = Fewer likes

One thing you can do other than feeling bad for these suspended bots and spammers is to make adjustments in your targeted likes count and try to grow genuinely.

2. Shadowban:

The one and only symptom of shadowban is less reach of your profile which ultimately results in fewer likes on your posts. Shadowbans are directly related to the hashtags you used recently, Hashtags that are overused for exchanging followers and likes (#follow4follow, #f4f, #l4l, #like4like, etc.) are banned by Instagram in its recent update. The following measure was taken by Instagram to filter out content and only show relevant ones to the users. One more thing you should know is that shadowbans are only for Instagram posts and is applicable to only one post a day.

Note: If Instagram hashtags don’t work anymore, it means that no new people can see our posts.

3. Hashtags Not Working:

The Instagram shadowbans have a direct effect on the hashtags. In one research, it was released that some of the hashtags might have been banned permanently or temporarily by Instagram. Hashtags like “beauty blogger”, “desk”, “tgif”, etc are blocked by Instagram meaning posts under such hashtags won’t be visible in the search results on the platform.

You can always check whether your hashtag is banned or not by searching for the hashtag in the search box on Instagram. If you are not seeing the hashtag in the search results then it means that particular hashtag has been blocked by Instagram.

We have also seen in the past that overused hashtags mostly get us banned on Instagram. We suggest you try mixing-up both of the popular and rare hashtags in your posts. 

4. Switching To A Business Account:

This is one of the most conflicting topics in the community, but still one can never deny the truth. Most of the people have experienced the disadvantages of switching to a business profile when they weren’t a business at all. By switching to a business account on Instagram, you give a signal to Instagram that you are a business. The presence of business profiles and almost all the top brands of the world using Instagram has made Instagram a social media giant. It is a natural thing that Instagram wants business profiles to pay if they want more engagement on their profile.

Why would a normal account get all the perks of a business account for free? Think about it.

Therefore, switching to a business account on Instagram may decrease your engagement rates. However, you can still grow as a business on Instagram without paying for Ads or anything else, but it may take some time.

5. Changes In Instagram’s Algorithm:

Instagram’s feed is not sequential anymore, meaning that your followers won’t immediately get to know about or see your new posts. Therefore, they won’t immediately like your post.

I am going to tell you how the Instagram algorithm actually works.

The more you interact with an account, the more it will show on top of your home feed. Instagram will take note of which account you seem to “like” and “engage with” the most. So they will show you these accounts the most.

Therefore, the more you interact with your followers more are the chances of your posts to appear in their feeds.

Quick Tip: Turn on the post notifications for accounts you don’t want to miss. It’s simple if you want others to think about you, then it is necessary for you to think about them.

6. Not Making Use Of Instagram Stories:

There are two things that you should know:

• Your stories disappear after 24 hours.

• The posts on your profile are sticky and permanent.

The Instagram stories are located on the top of your news feed, and most of the people checking their news feed normally see the stories on their feed first.

So, you can always tell your followers in your stories about your latest posts. Doing this will increase the chances of your post to reach more people.

Use your Instagram feed for publishing a strong visual content supporting and support it with relevant hashtags. Consider your Instagram profile as your business card and try to give people visiting your profile an unforgettable impression.

Quick Tip: Use your Instagram stories to keep in touch with your followers and tell them about your latest content with a screenshot of your feed and cover your latest post with an emoji or other special effects. Doing this will increase the curiosity of your followers towards your newest content.

7. Consistency:

Consistency is the key if you wish to grow on Instagram. 

I have experienced that Instagram forgot me and I got fewer likes, and comments when I did not post for 2 days. It took a while for me to bring my account back to normal again.

Quick Tip: Give a couple of hours at the beginning of the week to schedule posts for your Instagram profile and then make all the posts accordingly.

The Reality Of Instagram:

• Genuine interactions are rewarded by Instagram.

• You should never solely focus on numbers.

• Use relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts in Instagram’s search engine.

• Make full use of the stories feature to keep in touch with your followers.

• Avoid posting mediocre content on your profile.

Thanks for reading, and please check out our other articles to get useful tips on how to grow your community and Instagram account.

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