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Twitter Purges Millions of Accounts Across the Platform

Twitter Purges Millions of Accounts Across the Platform

You may have suddenly realized that there is a dramatic decrease in the number of followers in your Twitter account. Yes, that is what many all over the world notice. If you have to blame, someone for this then it is Twitter. They are actually taking actions against those accounts that were not real.

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After the purge, CEO Dorsey lost 200,000 from his followers, while Twitter’s official account lost 7.7 million followers from its platform.


The reason for such action

You may be thinking what made Twitter take such a stern action and delete the followers that you have in your account. Yes, it may have taken you years to build such a huge number of followers but Twitter deleted those in just a minute. The main reason for such is that Twitter wants to clean up the site.

Twitter recognized that there are many malicious accounts that need removal in order to clear the site. It may so happen that many of such malicious accounts were your follower and so as removal occurred you notice a drastic decrease in the number of followers that you had.

The reason for such action

The impact of the removal

Twitter also said that such suspension of account would continue until the time when the owners of such malicious accounts validate themselves by changing their password. They also notified that there would be a decrease of 6% due to this stern action taken by them.

Twitter is aware of the discontent that would happen due to this removal amongst the Twitter users, they clarified if one bears this loss for a period then they can be part of a platform which is more transparent. The decrease of followers due to Twitter Purge in accounts of famous persons like President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama shows the impact of the removal.

The impact of the removal


Twitter also said that they have estimated every Twitter user would be losing at least 4 followers. There are accounts that may be facing a huge difference in the number of followers the reason being they have purchased followers to inflate the number of followers.

It is not that common people or those not directly linked with Twitter are having an impact. Twitter itself lost 12% of its followers due to this crackdown. The CEO himself lost 230,000 followers after the crackdown

You have a loss in the number of followers may be thinking that you are the only one having such an effect. To pacify your felling it would be good to know about some famous persons have an effect of the purge by Twitter.

New York Times lost 732,000 followers, Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda lost one-third of his followers and there was a loss of 300,000 followers in the account of Queen Rania of Jordon. Pope Francis also lost 100,000 followers. Therefore, the purge had an effect on all sphere of Twitter users and you are one of them.


Bringing the spam to limelight

New York Times reported about a single company named Devumi linked with making available followers and retweets at a very nominal price. The company has many reputed clients and a look at their accounts made Twitter aware about the spam that is happening. This made Twitter to come down on such malicious accounts and enable Twitter users to have a healthy conversation.

A research done by Twitter revealed that the number of automated accounts has increased dramatically in recent years. This is because there are many such organizations that are providing followers and retweets at an affordable rate. Many such followers are not persons having real profile. These automated profiles are false and is hampering users to have an effective conversation.

Twitter gets 2 billion search queries per day.

Should we support this initiative?

This is a question, which is in the mind of every Twitter user. Is there practically any purpose for having such a purge? Let us see whether we should be supporting this action taken by Twitter.

The visual impact of this purge as we can see decreases in the number of followers. Is there any other impact of this purge, which needs understanding? Yes, such a purge is cleaning this social media from malicious and false accounts, which are not active and just adding numbers to an account. Having such followers’ users are not having effective conversations. The only advantage of having such an increased number of followers is that one can have a social status declaring the number of followers to the account.

The purge, which Twitter is undertaking and will undertake in future, is not having any effect on the racist comments and abuse that users do over their account. More stern action in this respect from Twitter would enable this social media platform to be a place where users can have constructive conversation.

There is a mixed response from Twitter user in this respect. Common people disliked the idea of Twitter Purge as they lost huge number of followers but business houses welcomed the move. The business houses felt that such a cleanup process by Twitter has allowed them to have real followers and to have a perfect conversation. This has helped them to increase the brand awareness amongst those active users who are interested about their brand.  

New York Stock Exchange though having lost 30,000 million followers is welcoming the move taken by Twitter. They said that the move has made the social media platform transparent and they can actually have conversation with users who are interested in what they do. Twitter after cleaning of such false user is a better place for New York Stock Exchange for effective marketing.

Therefore, should we support the initiative that Twitter has undertaken? It is entirely a personal decision that we should take.  Having a look at the nature of initiative and the reason for it, we think that it is one, which requires our support. The initiative will offer us a social media platform, which is devoid of false users, and have transparency in the conversation.

Hope Twitter takes more such actions that make the social media platform more effective and free from such racial and abusive comments.

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