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Twitter Rolls Out Audio-Only Live-Streams On Twitter And Periscope


The feature of live streaming on different social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are enjoyed by many people around. These social media users come live whenever they want, they talk; show off their hangout areas and whatever they like. But have you ever wanted to stream only your audio online and not the face?

twitter active users

On daily basis 9% of people are using Twitter. 

Well, if the answer is yes then you should be the happiest one now. It is because Twitter has come up with feature the audio only  for live streams. It is released for all the iOs users and will be shortly coming up for Android users around. They have come up with this amazing feature for all Twitter lovers.

Only 20% of Twitter users are American. 


Audio only, twitter USP

This allows all the users for creating their broadcast of audio only from Twitter itself. It is also available in twitter periscope. This best feature which has come up on twitter only was announced by the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey who tweeted about his upcoming USP.

He assured all the users that they can live stream audio only from the same interface from where you stream live video only option. It is available on iOs and periscope simultaneously. Apart from the option for recording video “Live”, there is also one more additional option to select the “Audio only” live stream.

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Available for iOs users

Earlier this feature was in beta testing but in less time only the CEO twitter updated its release. It also confirmed that this amazing feature can be used at present only on a Twitter app for iOs users and on the Periscope. There is time limit update for reaching the rest of the platforms.

If you are also an iOs user and periscope user, then you have the best opportunity for recording audio. All the users around can watch their recordings and can even play them from their device. The live video feature in twitter was present since years and with the introduction of live broadcasts for audio only has excited people around.


Works simply and smoothly

It offers all the Twitter users to enjoy the listening reel without presenting yourself in the outer world. With your voice or audio only, you can do the real magic. You will also be able to track the stats of audience in the same way as you were doing in video live.

You can also easily tune into the podcasts or radio shows or can listen to all the explainers which needed tweetstorm earlier. This can also be important for reporting on screen. Soon it is assumed that people will be hanging around with the twitter more rather than their radio stations as many artists are going to make use of it as their best audio platform.

iOs users

How to go live on Twitter with the audio only feature?

This broadcasting feature of audio only has surprised all the Twitter users and everyone is excited to use it. This feature is available publically for all the users. All you need to do is,

  • Go to the compose screen
  • Tap on its button of “Go Live”
  • Go on the standard screen of the live stream
  • Find the microphone icon
  • Select the option of broadcast “Audio only”

The Twitter in one way has reoriented the platform of its live streaming towards their content of audio and live podcasting. The live video option and Twitter periscope have tried gaining back the popularity of live streaming from their breaking news and viral moments. The Twitter wanted a podcast pie as this industry is emerging largely.

It can also be that many of the people will make use of this “Audio only” platform and similarly, many podcast companies will find it interesting. This feature is definitely offering a creative platform to all the users with their option of live media. This feature also benefits all the users around who are camera shy but are very good on vocals.


A massive hit for all users

This streaming of audio only is also a live podcasting and this will surely become popular in coming days. As you know, there are more than 124 million people only in the US who are a big fan of podcasts. The video option is already a famous format for the creators but the audio market is really going to be a massive hit with it.

This audio-only feature by Twitter and Periscope is something which is really worth considering. This was also a highly demanded feature by the periscope and Twitter users. This was requested by many of the users and they were doing it also by covering up the camera lens.

There are many people that are not camera friendly but still want to interact or broadcast with the chat room feature, this made the Twitter and Periscope come with this interesting feature to please all their users.

podcast listing

Image Source: Socialmediatoday.com


Acts as podcasting live

On the other hand, some of the users also found that their live stream of audio only on Facebook was not working on iOs, so they wanted an option for the same. As said, the audio only feature is live podcasting only and this is gaining popularity every single day. This one of the latest features by twitter has allured all the users.

Earlier, when you tapped on the icon to go “live” it only displayed the option for live video streaming but recently a small icon of the microphone is also added which can allow you to turn off your camera and you can also perform an audio-only live stream.


Works on Twitter and Periscope

Sometimes, people are only in a mood of talking without being on the camera. This is the reason the Twitter came up with this fantastic feature of audio only broadcasts. It works well on both Twitter for all iOs users and on Periscope. With this, all your followers can listen to you but cannot see you.

Isn’t it amazing? Now you don’t dress up because you will be going live and people will start judging you how you look or dress up. With this feature of “Audio only” you can connect with your followers live but they can only hear you. People can also use it while they are driving.

Many Twitter users were eagerly waiting for this feature and they wanted something like this. When they found out about this feature, they all turned very excited. These audio-only streams will make you pause as soon as you will hear a mesmerizing voice like you do while tuning into your radio station.

Twitter and Periscope

Better business with the audio only option

From the perspective of the business, there are many tech companies that believe a good voice is definitely an additional feature and must be computed for a better business. Thus, with the introduction of the audio only feature, Twitter is gearing itself for a major shift and will definitely get popularity for this.

So if you are the one who has been waiting for this magnificent feature on your favorite social media site, then you must go live now with “Audio only” option. Try this feature on your Twitter iOs app or Periscope now and get to know how it works.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to learn how to go live with “audio only stream option”. Enjoy it on both Periscope and Twitter.

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