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Unexpected Tips To Make Facebook Ads More Effective

“Sometimes it’s not about what you are saying but it’s about how you are saying”

Marketing is a skill to present normal content in the most extravaganza way, and there are plenty of platforms to make this skill available to the target audience and most of the time people don’t know about their target audience and there comes the role of persuasion. It is easy to persuade people who already want your product, that’s an introduction, not even persuasion but if a marketer is able to convince someone new to buy his product, not with coercion but with persuasion, that’s a skill then.

Facebook and Facebook ads are in fad already but what makes Facebook so effective? Is it a social media trend that makes it effective or something else? There is no doubt that this era is the realm of social media because of its increased usage by people of almost every age and it is all happening because of its latest features which are not only creative but also suitable for people’s needs.  

For instance, meme culture, which has taken the place in several hearts because of its creativity and people find memes relatable to their everyday life or unleashes that aspect of human life which is always unspoken. The same case is with social media advertising- ads need to be creative and easily understandable so that the audience could easily relate with it on the basis of their preferences and could get easily convinced to buy the product.

It’s been noted that memes have become the major tool to do promotions, especially in political campaigns, and people are getting influenced by this culture.

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook always wins the race because of its reach and its lenient advertising policies.  Moreover, Facebook has a motto to compete with Google and other advertising sites.

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are creative and can be tracked so easily, these ads give enormous control to the advertisers, and hardly show any barriers to restrict the ads.

Amazing Fact:  With 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2019, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide.

Because Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites(SNS), it is obvious that Facebook gives the most reliable platform for marketers to promote their products or services. Also, it is been seen that more than 50% of people worldwide are making their shopping choices by seeing ads on Facebook or getting influenced by such ads.

Posting ads on Facebook is one of the easiest tasks to do and especially after the introduction of the “search results” option in the auto-placement option of Facebook, which makes it important for the marketers to promote ads in the right way, otherwise it’s just a waste of time.

Both small and medium-sized businesses are actively promoting their businesses on Facebook because it is the cheapest and easiest way of promotion and proves an opportunity for those who have just started their business and want to introduce their products and services to a  large audience. Product ads provide a number of ways to promote different products of businesses. Marketers can create a product catalog and can campaign by targeting certain customers for particular products.

There are plenty of options on Facebook for the advertisers and that’s why it is essential to make advertisers be learned regarding how to use such tools in an effective way to give tough competition to other businesses.


1. Set an objective:

Before entering into the world of marketing, one must be fully aware of the motive of the campaign; like, about the product and the target audience or what’s the ultimate motive behind the campaign. Do you want more followers? Whether you want to increase your sales or just the traffic on your website? Do you want more likes, shares or comments? These are some misgivings which you need to clear and only then you can choose a suitable option for your campaign.

Set an objective
In the above picture, one can see a lot of options with which he can choose options as per their ultimate purpose, all these options are for the different purposes and serve as helping hands to marketers who are in the pursuit of making their name in the market.

1.1 Brand Awareness:

This option helps the business to expose itself and its products to a large chunk of the audience. Facebook’s brand awareness campaign can be used for any business campaign because it helps in introducing the brand to the people outside, and used by start-ups mostly because they are the ones who remain in search of creating awareness for their brands but a lot of existing firms also use this option to introduce their new products or projects.  

TIP: It is advisable that marketers should use the most creative content as possible for their ads to entice the customers- so that they would like to know more about the brand because it is an introductory step, it will make a first impression and that must be attractive and reliable.

1.2 Post Engagement:

While advertising on social media one gets the idea about how a particular content performs.  It is the fact that the engagement of the audience on ads is important for promotion. This feature helps in generating more organic followers and leads to better engagement on the page than any other strategy.

This feature provides an option of “like”  which enables the marketer to get both pages liked by the targeted audience and post engagements.

example of a post engagement ad

It is an example of a post engagement ad that features the options of ‘like, share and comment.’

1.3 Lead Generation:

This option leads to land the audience on the page where they get to fillup the form in just one click.

get to fillup the form in just one click
In the above picture option of ‘ sign up’ is given so that people can directly fill-up the form to register for it.

1.4 Conversion:

 Brand awareness campaign might be more goal-oriented and for long-term purpose but this option is for those who want to promote a particular offer and want some applicants for that. Website conversions are meant to drive specific actions on a specific page of the website, so it must be used carefully.

Note: Facebook has become more sophisticated- and to use all its features in the best possible way, a marketer needs to be well versed about all the upcoming updates and also about the existing features.

DID YOU KNOW? People in the USA spends 20% of their mobile time on Facebook or Instagram and there are over 1.8 billion people using Facebook every month.

2. Select The Audience:

Facebook has billions of users and these users can be converted into customers if the ads will be run in the right way.  There are times when a marketer is not sure about the target audience and Facebook has users of all ages or of all the genders. In this case,  Facebook provides some options to prioritize some people.

Facebook offers three most basic options to target the potential customers and they are:

  • Everyone on Facebook
  • People connected to the page
  • Custom audience

If an advertiser has enough followers then he can go for the option ‘people connected to your page’ in order to change the followers into customers.

If an advertiser doesn’t have enough followers but has a customer’s list, then the custom audience is the best option.

What if anyone neither has enough followers nor a customer’s list?  This is the case with many start-ups and for those, the option “Everyone on Facebook” is so apt.

Select The Audience
In the above picture, there are options like location, age, gender and more which simply helps in setting up the audience.

TIP:  It is advisable to all the start-ups to not limit the audience in order to create awareness about the brand in masses.

3. Less Text In The Ad Images:

The ultimate goal of the marketer behind creating an ad is to catch the attention of the audience and it can only be done through creativity. A good picture is worth a thousand words; therefore, an advertiser must always try to use pictures with less text and eye-catchy images and effects.

An image of the ad must be self-explanatory and must be related to the business so that the audience won’t need to make much effort to decipher the meaning of the image, otherwise, the ad will be scrolled down by the people without any palpable attention.

4. Add Some Attention Grabbers:

There is always a time when the advertiser notices that one of his content is getting more attention than others. It happens because of some eye-catchy phrases and some astonishing facts that can leave the audience in awe.

That’s why,  it is advisable to add some creative and out of the box content to seek the attention of the people, avoid some cliché lines, try to add some good and new facts that are relatable to your campaign and will have the capacity to hook the audience.

After grabbing the attention of your targeted audience, explain the benefits of your campaign and then it’s a time to call for an action that will enable people to be your customer.

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