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When To Post On Instagram

The sure shot method to find out the Ideal Time For Instagram post

Everyone who has started a blog , online business or website will have this question in mind that is “Is there any perfect time of the day to post on Instagram to get huge attention from the audience“. In order to figure it out can be little tricky but not impossible. 

Let’s start with the little analysis first, basically, Instagram is hugely accessed by a large number of mobile device users. The mobile device can allow the users to have a quick glance at the photos and post as per their convenient time too. They can access their Instagram post, videos, and photos from anywhere and anytime. The interaction and posting of the post are little difficult to predict, this is the prime reason to figure out the time when users are more active.


Understanding of The Instagram Algorithms and how it effects the posts

Instagram has started to filter the users feed preferences and it shows them what they like the most and what they want to see at first glance. By this user can easily rearrange the feeds preferences rather viewing the recently made posts in the ascending order of when they were posted.

With the help of Instagram Algorithm, you can post your videos, pictures at a particular time and can also be seen by several followers on their Instagram. This does not depend on the total number of interaction they have made with your posts.

As per the Instagram algorithm, it displays the posts to the users based on their interest and likelihood of the posts, videos and their relationships with the Instagram accounts which they follow, and at last with also the timeliness of the Instagram posts. The audience interaction has a positive effect on the post, a post with more number of interactions will show you the feeds on the top and relevancy also matters.

Instagram algorithm

Here are the things to consider first in order to find the ideal time to post a content on Instagram. Below are the three major factors which affect it.


1. Targeted Instagram followers

Instagram followers are mostly adults who are working on regular 10 am-6 pm jobs, there are more chances for them to check the Instagram posts in the morning or preferably by late evening. Whereas the college-going folks usually stay up late night and are highly active on the Instagram during the wee hours. All you need is to identify the target audience and figure out the best time of the day in which they are highly active on Instagram.

targeted instagram followers

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2. Best time to post

If you have Instagram followers across the world then you can share content at a particular time of the day in order to get the same result every time. This will bring your post to the notice of followers in and around that area with specific time zone.


3. Engaging content

It is very crucial for you to pay attention on all the increasing number of interaction when you are posting Instagram content. The reach can be anything based on the research but this will help you to figure out the ideal time. You can post content based on the behavior of your Instagram followers. A particular time to post a content will make much difference in the overall engagement of the users.

These factors are just a way to figure out a perfect time to post Instagram content, but it is obvious that different set of the audience will be active on a different time and this also may differ due to the time zones. This is the reason we always should figure out the best ideal time to post Instagram content.

Here are some effective ways to calculate the ideal time to post a content on Instagram


1. Best time to post on Instagram

When you want to post something on Instagram, it is must for you to calculate the time zones of you dedicated Instagram followers. The perfect way to calculate is to check out the optimal posting time, this can be done by researching the audience and their location on the Instagram application. The cool part is, you can get Instagram Insights of cost. All you need to add an Instagram Business profile.

With the help of Instagram Insights, you can get an insight of everything which you need to promote your business. You can notice the location of your followers, their age, gender, and active times. Additionally, you also get filtered results like locating the Instagram follower’s location by specific country, state, city. This will help you out to post the content in the perfect time zone where the majority of the users are active.

With the help of Instagram Insights you can track the optimum time and post the content, additionally, you know when is the popular days and time when your followers are actively using the Instagram. With the help of this information, you can get a detailed understanding of your followers and post content on the ideal time and date in Instagram.


2. Experiment and Measure the progress

The smart practice is to measure the time and progress and create an excel sheet to track the total engagement which you are getting from them. You can do the same calculation for the different time and on different days. Like, you can choose 5 different times in a week. If you notice that your audiences are most active during 4 am-6 pm, then you can post the content on that time.

In order to get a hang of it, you will need few weeks of analysis, but this information is the best way to find the optimal time to engage with more number of Instagram audience.

instagram engagement



3. Method to schedule posts on Instagram

Once you are aware that which is the best time when you can find more number of the active user, the next focus should be to get enough most interaction and engagement with the audience. The final step is to schedule the posts as per your best time.

The main reason for scheduling the Instagram post is to get consistent interaction with the audience at the initial time. This is the reason we always look for active users on Instagram.There are some tools like AutoSchedule which helps to create an Instagram queue to post on the right time. All you need is to post the time and once you have an Instagram queue ready its gets scheduled automatically to post on the best time.


4. Calculate the performance and see what idea works

The most important step is to analyze the perforce. After 30-45 days of posting the Instagram content, you need to try posting in on different times for every week and figure out the optimum timing. The results are much customized and totally depends on the Instagram followers. Once you have a perfect time, you can start using the same. The entire process will take some trial period.


5. Repeat the test as per the need

If you are still not happy with the results, you can always repeat the experiment and start the entire calculation again. Usually, the less post engagement is due to lack of audience interest, less content or your posting time. You also should consider other factors like change in season, holidays etc. All these things have a severe impact on the follower’s behavior.


6. Observe when others are posting

If you know someone who focuses on the same audience then you can have spoken with them. They may not be your direct competitors but can help you to realize the post engagement. Additionally, you can also turn on the post notification when there are posting something on Instagram, this will help you to create your own ideal time. This can be used to figure out the optimum time for the Instagram post.

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