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How to Write Good Instagram Captions: Ideas, Tips and Strategy

how to write good captions on instagram

Undoubtedly, pictures can speak better than the words, but sometimes the combination of both can have a killer impact; especially, with Instagram, the captions with beautiful pictures can bring loads of likes and followers. A lot of people find it confusing and sometimes debilitating while they try to write captions for the Instagram posts. Of course, you need not to be an exceptional copywriter to come up with stunning captions.

Actually, you need to be a little strategic and consider various functional and technical aspects of Instagram to create effective copy that works. Yeah, that should engage your audience. The texts are the best ways of giving the pictures a voice. The voice will ultimately set the brand tone. Remember that Instagram is not a platform where serious and long-faced people are entertained.

You should keep the tonality a little humorous and light-hearted so that the followers find it interesting and spend a little more time with the post. The following are a few important tips and tricks that you need to follow while writing captions. But before everything else, make sure that you have a killer bio that hits the sweet spot.

1. Cute captions

Of course, writing is a craft, and you need to have that creative flavor in your caption to entice viewer’s mind, and it takes time to come up with good captions; the trick is to write a number of captions and choose the best one. You can also consider making others read and give their views and the reader’s choice should be the one that goes on to the post.

instagram captions

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2. Write captions on pictures

The Instagram allows only 2200 character for the caption; and after 3-4 lines, the captions truncate; and when I wrote my first post, I was baffled, but I quickly learned that I had to frontload the important information that means the essence of the message should be explained in few sentences. If people find it relevant, they will read further.

how to write good captions on instagram


3. Use hashtags on Instagram

Undoubtedly, the hashtags are best ways of getting people connected to your brand who would not have been otherwise, but the obsessive use of the hashtags can make your post look spammy and some might take it negatively since it looks suffocating, give some space; do not overreact to the post. In fact, 4 hashtags in a post are legible.

4. Call to action

Some decades ago, a writer said: “If there were no verbs, then I would be vegetating in some abandoned corner” well that holds true when it comes to captions. A direct call to action can energize the audience and persuade them to take some action. Reportedly, the posts with a great call to actions have witnessed increased post sharing.

Call to action

So, what exactly should you include in a call to action? Yeah, that depends on what you want your viewers to do; you can either ask a question, or ask them to tag their friends and you have to be a little creative while adding a call to action; for example; a famous apparel brand shared their post that said “This is all you need for a fantastic weekend, where would you like to go?”

call to action images

Encourage people to enter into a contest and make sure that the captions are a little witty, not immensely intellectual or self-aggrandizing. Maintain a subtle tone; you should not sound too loud and desperate.

5. Use of emojis

These cartoon-like emoticons are a great way of adding personality to your brand. Since all the Smartphone users are using the emojis frequently, the super serious brands are also using them, but you need to use them creatively; never use mindlessly just because it adds the personality.

🍍 🍊 🍈 🍍 🍉

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6. Maintain Brand consistency

The Instagram might need posts that are light-hearted, but the brand consistency should remain constant. You have to look at the message across all the marketing channels and formulate coherent captions that do not look and sound drastically different from what your brand looks and sounds on other channels such as TV or Newspaper or Outdoor, or facebook for that matter.

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7. Promote on social media

You should write captions mentioning other social media channels so that people can find you on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, this can greatly improve your brand visibility since people will be seeing you on multiple platforms.

social promotion

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Finally, sometimes you will find yourself confused; yes, at times, it is possible for the mind to be blank, and when you find yourself entangled in such situation, just keep the caption simple, sweet, short and crisp. And that is the thumb rule. A super short caption can be super cool.

By following the above-stated tips and tricks, you will now be able to produce some superb captions that would improve your brand visibility, customer engagement, and conversion.

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