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Your Business Accounts on Instagram- A Two-way Street Now!

Social networking sites are not limiting themselves to one account anymore. As the demands of the public are rising, and so is the level of challenge between the competitors, therefore, a strong competition between social networks has been raised to attain audience attention. Nevertheless, that is what our favorite social networking site- Instagram, attempting to do while developing unique marketing methods for your business accounts.

Your marketing team must have suggested you to create individual accounts for the various variants of your company while separating accounts in accordance with the distinctive nature of your business. Such indulging efforts would hook more followers as customers while establishing more connections to your business. This would not only increase your digital presence but would help to attain an exceptional amount of Instagram likes on your posts

We all know that social media is one of the most effective promotional channels. With a significant change in the functionality or features in a social platform, the managers and marketers aim to conquer every aspect of those new schemes and include it in their marketing strategy. 

With the latest update on Instagram API, local marketers are rapidly moving towards targeting local social media pages. They are getting ready to spread their wings over the whole kingdom of the local market. Because if you are not targeting local markets right now, then you might be missing a big turnaround for your company. 

Before moving further, let’s settle your fret about what is API? 

The acronym API refers to Application Programming Interface, which is an intermediary software that allows two applications to get interconnected with one another. For instance, you can perceive how on a single page, there are social sites linked. That is exactly how API works with social media networks. 

Similar to this, Instagram API permits other apps, in order to use Instagram’s interface for their business. Although, Instagram keeps changing it’s graph API while developing and modifying permissions to the third-party apps which allow Instagram to link its account with other applications like Facebook.  This graph API is more restrictive than the original one. The main function of this graph is to collect data of mentioned and targeted hashtags and requires an Instagram business account to access information for completing the procedure.  

Similar to this, Instagram API permits other apps, in order to use Instagram’s interface for their business. Although, Instagram keeps changing it’s graph API while developing and modifying permissions to the third-party apps which allow Instagram to link its account with other applications like Facebook.  This graph API is more restrictive than the original one. The main function of this graph is to collect data of mentioned and targeted hashtags and requires an Instagram business account to access information for completing the procedure. 


In simple language, the API is what makes Instagram talk to other apps, as well as allow other applications to connect with Instagram. 

Imagine how much your business could get benefited when all the social accounts could collaboratively work together and gain extensive profits, all at once. Exciting, right? 

How about we tell you that there is more through which you could boost your business on social media? Overwhelmed?  Your business accounts could become a two-way street for Instagram and many other platforms with multiple accounts. This fresh feature of Instagram would help to hop between different business accounts-not only with interconnections of social sites but creating multiple Instagram accounts for distinctive businesses with their individual purpose. 

You can have up to five alternative business accounts and could manage them with a single one. Now, you have the opportunity to switch between these accounts in a flash. 

Now is the end of those days when you have to continuously switch between a personal account to a business account and vice-versa while logging in and out each time you wish to switch. But with the multiple accounts feature of Instagram, this won’t be a problem anymore. Moreover, major brands have gained huge Instagram likes and following for their business, while expanding their reach via multiple accounts. 

Furthermore, we all know that “Two is Better than One.” 

But before we move on to tell you exactly how multiple accounts will help to attain your goal for Instagram likes and followings for your business, let’s discuss a few considerations that one should not miss out. 

Location & Geo-Tags:

We understand you can never put a full-stop on the horizons in which your business can work and that is the reason we are highlighting the location feature of Instagram. With the involvement of providing location tags, you can distinguish each business in different areas.

Your business might operate in different parts of the world/ geographical locations, for which you may consider creating separate Instagram accounts. Many eminent brands are using this approach to forge their marketing strategy.

Since every country has a distinctive style, language, people, your strategy should be crafted in accordance with an analysis of all the major factors of different locations. Therefore, if a business has chains, established on different continents or even in different cities, it is recommended to make separate accounts that fit local language and style of places correspondent to the individual account.

For instance, we have presented below distinct pages for brands such as Netflix.

Netflix has separate business

You can see here, how Netflix has separate business accounts for distinct geological spheres. They have different marketing strategies, planned localities or nationality, for which they are afflicted. If you’re wondering what exactly is Geotag? Then don’t worry; we will disclose that ahead.

Such big companies like Netflix, Nandos, etc., make sure to create separate brand strategies for different locations. Businesses can merge their digital presence according to the audience for which they are making campaigns. How? Simple, with multiple business accounts. These brands have different regional teams to work better for the campaign. They are locals of particular regions and are familiar with the slang and local peculiarities.    

With the involvement of this location feature, we have put on the table a few more factors that advantage organizations: 


If you are holding a business Instagram account for your store, get most out of Instagram with the benefits of features like; Call-to-action buttons. This action would encourage users to contact you instantly since it positions right in the profile’s information.

You can add a call-to-action to your product post, which would shed a light to call, visit (Maps directions), or email the store directly from your page. It is an essential part of a business and as per Google- 51% of local mobile searches result in a store visit. 

Easy Contact, Better Engagement Chance

You can also include action buttons through the third-party integration so customers can go straight to order, maybe reserve a table or buy tickets. With instant results through such features, you will gain customer’s response to your profile, as people are more likely to take action if it is visually present right at their screens. They won’t have to search for the information as it would be easily available on the screen. This would help you to increase clientele base for your brand and direct product promotion, as people would find it easy to connect and contact your business and with the spread of words, in no time, your business would be touching heights of success in the industry. 

For instance, here is an example of Zara’s Instagram page: 

Zara's Instagram page

Here you can see the link mentioned in this profile, is directly connected to their official website. They have pinned their shopping website link to their Instagram profile page so that the audience could reach them easily. 

As for the advertisement front, this feature has worked its charm over there as well. You might have seen celebrities doing promotions through Instagram while linking the business account to their personal account post.

Below is an example of kylie Jenner doing the promotion of a brand:

kylie Jenner doing the promotion of a brand

This screenshot is from Kylie Jenner’s profile, while she is promoting her own collaboration with another brand. This is how she has managed to promote her brand as well as the company that has collaborated with her. 

This is how impactful call-to-action feature could be. Here is Sephora’s Instagram page for the reference to showcase shop call-to-action feature- 

Instagram page for the reference to showcase shop call-to-action feature

Here is Sephora’s Instagram profile, in which they have promoted products of their own products and provided links for the same. 

Hence, we can say that organizations can link their shopping sites to the Insta handles. This will bring potential buyers and present customers to engage with flexibility. 

Confined Insights

Another significant benefit of a business Instagram account is the accessibility to collect insights, based on location. This is a bonus when you have set up multiple Instagram accounts on the grounds of different store locations. It would allow different communities to engage with individual accounts and will help you to get insights into the size and demographics of your clientele base and organize what works optimally for each store. With such information, you can create better strategies with specific data about the native people. 

You will attain essential data determining the number of clicks for calls; clicks for emails; and clicks for directions you receive at each location. This static data would help you recognize the more favorable choices of your present customers or potential ones. With such information, you can make informed marketing decisions about each business account. Your business will get assured results since 80 % of consumers prefer locally relevant advertising. 

These insights are imperative for calculating the ROI of your Instagram efforts. While dealing with organic social media strategies, marketers often have a tough time proving it’s ROI (Return on Investment). Therefore, accessing such insights from clicks on driving directions, online orders, appointments, reservations, movie tickets and more; brands can accurately anticipate the projected sales from each click. 

Extensive Media Management

Now let’s resume to answer what is Geo-Tag? Well, is more of a technical explanation for determining the longitude and latitude of your current location with your photo. It could also be a geographical identification for the place that post is related to or taken from. For simpler understanding, geo-tagging is to identify the present location of the post on Instagram. This has become an essential feature in the concept of marketing as well. 

Since we are living in the generation of smartphones, it has become easier to locate anything and anyone. Similarly, Instagram neatly uses this admirable function of our smartphones to identify the exact location we take our pictures while using the GPS (Global Positioning System), pre-installed in almost every smartphone. Such locations can be as specific as a city, town or business. Moreover, you can tag the business in your posts as well. While assuring that you have made your location available for your client and potential customers, you can have the tag specified to your business in their posts. 

A location or geotag can be a city, a town, or any specific business. If you want people to tag your business in their posts (and you do!) make sure your business location is available!

How The Followers Can Tag Your Business? 

There is a two-way street for your followers to tag your business in posts. One way is to tag the business account directly or another one is through a geo-tag to your location. These tags appear in tag photos tab in your profile. If these are not tied to your account, your business won’t receive any notification. This would waste the post as well as the geo-tags of the users. By linking precise location to your business accounts, it would help the followers to tag your business or the store itself.

Stickers For Locations: 

To enhance the interaction as well as the creative sphere of Instagram stories, there is another feature specific to your stories: Stickers in Stories. They allow users to use digital stickers on photos or videos, based on a geotag. By selecting “location” in the stickers, you can choose the geolocations already around you. If you cannot find the desired location, creating a new one is always an option. This geotag would then appear on your post, in both pictures and videos. The followers who would see your story could click on this sticker which is linked to a particular location. 


A Geographical Hashtag: 

According to recent Instagram statistics, posts including at least one hashtag score more engagement than those that feature none.

Hashtags are one of the most important aspects of promoting your business through Instagram. They have gain immense popularity in the realm of Instagram. Yet, businesses that are just starting to build their reputation in this platform might not know that these hashtags could play a helping hand to achieve your goal. They hold vital importance in engagement strategies. 

Being upbeat to the social discussion about your brand is essential for marketers and hashtag comes in that way. First, the marketers would want to analyze what are the opinions of customers and then they would form strategies accordingly. 

Once you’d be an expert on how to use hashtags for the promotional activities then you’ll encounter the wonders hashtags could do to your posts. They are spectacular to enhance your presence on Instagram. 

Let’s discuss a little more about how exactly they help your business? 

Content Easily Discoverable 

From waking your inner photographer to capturing an astonishing picture to find a perfect caption for the post, all we want is to grasp the attention of our followers and collect all Instagram likes we can. Here comes the hashtag in the story. The users can include relevant hashtags into their post and others may find it by searching those related words. Not including hashtags might make your Instagram difficult to get discovered. 

Boost Audience Interaction

People who are following similar tags that are related to the post you have unloaded. The most populated are creative and simple. They offer precise information about the subject they belong to. People don’t really search for detailed hashtags and moreover, they need to be attractive and unique. There are many brands that include hashtags as a major part of their marketing strategy.   

Keep You Updated on Latest Trends

If you are on a venture to hunt every trend that is buzzing the social world, then hashtags could probably clue you in for all the latest trends. These hashtags could tell you what is hot in the industry. Whether it’s your target audience or fellow brands, hashtags can be your source to know what are the trends that most audience is talking about. You can be a trendsetter by creating a new hashtag and promote it, with reference to your product or services. 

Consistently, this would give an opportunity to keep a close eye on competitors about what people are saying about your own brand. You can check what they have come up with their marketing strategy and innovate with something new of your own. 

People can follow particular tags as well, according to their interests. Therefore, you should not settle for a single hashtag per post. There is a limitation of about 30 hashtags per post. Exceeding this limit would reject your post to be updated on Instagram. You should analyze what hashtags are trending right now, related to your post and should certainly include them.  

Encourage Sharing Content 

Adding Geo-tag to your business is a great way for you to promote more whilst using the location. It would motivate you to initiate new programs to showcase your Instagram business profiles. What better platform you could possibly get, if not Instagram, to display your company’s fun activities and launches of new schemes-this is a great way to show followers what kind of employee culture you undergo. 

Your Instagram likes would be an enthusiast to know they’re doing business with real and genuine people. Therefore, this platform would be a chance for you to actually interact with your customers or potential clients. You can upload pictures of employee engagement activity, witnessed by your co-workers or celebration of such kind would also get a warm welcome on Instagram feed.

Generating New Ideas

Your marketing team could come up ideating different activities according to the calendar of local festivities and ceremonies. Initiating such posts, highlighting the cheerfull and engaging work environment would not only boost your customer base but also their trust. You can reimburse clients with such marketing methods as well. As a bonus, this would also create a good public image of your brand and showcase your company as an impeccable one in the industry. You can run contests or participate in the trending challenges that are running over social media. The viral videos generate massive opportunities to transform their identity from grounds to top. 

A Win-Win Situation 

If this reason is not enough to include this location feature to your business, then let us impress you more with its features. In geo-tag, if someone has tagged your business location to their post, whomever who is following them could also see that post and are likely to be more inclined to visit your location to check your business or service. But even for this to practically happen, you would have to provide where you are located, because chances for them to look up that information is more as compared to already given a geo-tag. 

It would be a clear win-win situation, we assure you!  

Local engagement 

200 million+ Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily. Imagine the amount of engagement one can expect from Instagram! You clearly need to find more innovative & new ways to promote your local business. It is essential to connect and reach out to the right people in this sea of followers where you are in a herd of competition of over 25 million+ business accounts, running at their full pace, or maybe trying to. 

Instagram knows how tough the competition is, and therefore have its own creative moves to help our business marketer to push them towards massive Instagram likes. 

Geotags for Campaigns 

With the geotag feature, now you can make a campaign even more successful. How? you ask- well simple, geo-tags works both ways like we have explained above as well. If your potential clients can discover you over the internet, understand that you can do the same. 

For instance, if you are planning a product campaign for your company somewhere in the city. 

You can search for a location where it is going to be held, and then search for the most searched people in that area. Now, this list of folks would be the most liked individuals. The campaign could gain more popularity if you would invite these popular locals to your event. The people living in that locality already like them and are familiar with the face. You could take advantage of such conditions. This would offer people comfort and attract them to come to your event. 

Voices Of People: 

Language is another principal factor for multiple Instagram accounts. We connect better when we are speaking the same language. We understand better and communicate better with similar language. 

In a foreign country, people feel a sense of home if they find someone with a common native tongue. It impacts that much in our lives. Therefore, barriers concerning such an efficient factor won’t just be a disadvantage but might affect negatively. How will you deliver one right message to your audience if there is no free flow of communication? No matter the medium you are using to communicate, it is important to have a good conveyance of message; even on Instagram. Regardless of the pictures and short videos, the main context is carried by caption, comments, and hashtags. 

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“A different language is a different vision of life” 

Distinctive Product Or Service

Now that we have covered almost every major consideration necessary for any organization to star off their multiple accounts on Instagram. Yet, there are other websites that you need to carefully examine as well. There are brands that have spread their wings ever farther than their industry. For instance, it is possible for a company to own a cricket team and a football team; or a company’s one branch in telecommunication and another in logistics. 

There could be many examples of such business owners to experiment while going out of their expected field of industry. Such founders really drive deep into industrial aesthetics and initiate something out of the box; nothing, like their competitors, are already doing.  

Here Is How One Brand Have Different Locations- 

There are two individual Instagram accounts that could be totally unrelated to each other, yet belong to common roots. A brand could be having its wires connected with one industry and another one into an unassociated industry. For a better understanding, we have generated a collage below of the company- Uber. 

Uber Cabs And Food Delivery

Here you can see, Uber as a brand is known for providing cab services for people traveling in the city. It provides rentals transportation to the public. But now, we don’t limit Uber’s recognition to a mere transportation provider, but with Food delivery as well. Yes, we are talking about your food savior- Uber Eats. You can order food and beverages and it will get delivered at your home, that is what it does. Another service that is provided by uber. Similarly, for such type of businesses, it is better to create separate accounts for the distinctive services or products they are undertaking. 

All of these considerations suit best when talking about massive and popular companies, but the question is, do small companies or a mere start-up have any advantage of these multiple Instagram accounts feature? 

Multiple Instagram Accounts Beneficial To Small Business :

Now that we have uncovered the exemplary factors that are essential for a business to know before they start creating multiple accounts on Instagram; let’s find out a little more about how multiple Instagram accounts benefit small and medium companies? 

The platform of social media could be a little overwhelming for a small business. Well, there is a necessity to have a digital presence over such sites, otherwise, you’d be lacking over a LOT! The Instagram post is a hot topic among people and securing an overall popularity. Small business owners should make the best of such over-popularity of Instagram. 

Here are a few benefits that Instagram offers to small business: 


Instagram allows you to show your actual self. As a small business owner, you must have made a major decision to start from scratch. You can showcase the road you traveled and share a personal journey with the audience. This will bring you close to the heart of your audience and would bring a consistent clientele base to business. It would give a platform to leave a lasting impression on current and potential customers. 

You can add a seek-peek of the working environment of an office. This would assure the audience that the company is not a fraud and real people are working behind an account. 

Creative Demographics:

Instagram is all about pictures! As we all know, it runs on the adage- “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Giving this adage an utmost edge to the digital world; Instagram is all about creative and demographics, along with good pictures. 

Furthermore, according to information by Instagram, over 150 million people use Instagram, with 55 million photos being uploaded every day. Pictures play a vital role in its functionality. 

You can set up a creative team for making graphics editing skills and make informative demographics. This would come as a creative twist to your marketing plan. Instagram is the platform that welcomes creativity with both hands. Its impeccable nature of showcasing what a business can convey with a creative thump. 

Thrive on whatever ideation you desire! 



In the end, we would like to conclude that, any business, big or small should make the most of Instagram. Everything around it depends on how impactful your visual content is. This platform is suitable for anyone who is looking to give their business a strong boost and quick digital start. But on the bonus, it doesn’t stop there; even small businesses can continue growth and inspire people with their services. With multiple accounts on deck, any organization could expand its reach. 


Hence, if you are planning to or have multiple Instagram accounts, now is your time to manage them efficiently. With the given information provided, you can run a marketing campaign for all of your business threads, simultaneously and in harmony. Instagram marketing is rapidly growing every day, hence we would recommend you to be updated, all the time. We hope your company achieves all the goals, expected by social media. 

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