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Your Personal Guide To Assemble Maximum Likes On Instagram

Do you often feel that you have enough followers but the likes you get on your Instagram posts do not justify that?

Do you think that you put enough effort into gathering followers, but somehow those efforts go in vain?

Do you feel that your competitors who are as popular as you get more likes on their posts as compared to yours?

Many-a-times, there are situations when people do not double-tap on your posts because they do not find it good enough. There might be a lot of reasons why this happens. Probably your photo quality is not good enough, or your pictures are not as eye-catchy as compares to others, or maybe your post doesn’t even appear on others’ feeds. The reasons might be endless. You have to think carefully about the possible reasons for your lesser fame on this platform in terms of likes. You should find the way and explore new methodologies on which you can work to grow your popularity. 

Celebrities, influencers, brands, sponsors decide to collaborate with each other by giving a first glance at the number of followers of the accounts. Further, they move and explore likes on the profile and account. If you do not have enough likes on your posts that justify the number of followers that you have, then it is all in vain. Even people before following the influencers or brands always test their fame and popularity by observing the number of likes on their account and post. 

Having likes on Instagram is like having your own treasure. People these days are ready to pay any amount to get likes on their posts; however, they do not know that there is N number of organic ways to fetch you enough likes that will definitely put you into good limelight.

In this article, we will guide you on how to gather a maximum number of likes on your posts. All you have to do is keep some of the things in your mind before posting your content. Let us go through some important points. 

Know The Right Time:

Your timings matter. It is said that a post stays in the users’ top feed till 4-5 hours of posting, after which the level comparatively downgrades. You also have to keep in mind the time when the followers in your accounts are the most active, i.e., on which days during the week and at what time of a particular day. 

It is entirely in your hands to maintain the track. Experiment by posting pictures on different days, at different timings and then post accordingly, by observing and comparing which time and day was the most suitable. 

You can also utilize the features of the Instagram story by applying the question/ answer sticker or the polling sticker, or the emoji slider stickers where you can also engage your audience and they can respond honestly to your questions regarding your activeness.

Experiment Your Creativity:

The users are ever ready to view that content which is unique and best. Try to enhance your feed by making use of innovative content, in terms of using different filters on your pictures, or clicking your pictures at attractive locations. You can also use props in your pictures which looks fancy and eye-catching. The posts which are different from the ordinary posts in their feeds, always grab the attention of the users. Be it on the home page, or the Explore panel. 

You have to keep one thing in your mind that how you can bring the happy customers on your website. What you can deliver that nudge the viewers to hit the heart on your posts and make them share it with the others.  Think creatively and use the best possible options and variations.

Optimize Your Written Content Well:

Instagram has the caption space for a reason. Your task is to take advantage of this space by writing suitable captions that match with your picture, your profile, your business type, your stream, etc. Use catchy phrases, but make sure that they are understandable enough. Think about what would capture the audience attention and keep them reading further.

You can also use the concept of applying stories as your captions, as the reports claim that the captions that have stories in them grab the attention of comparatively a larger mass of users than the normally detailed captions. You can also employ the technique of asking questions in the caption. This will keep a larger amount of engaged audience. 


Always make sure that you use hashtags if you want a larger number of viewers. This is because of two reasons, the more trending hashtags we use, the more often we appear on the Explore page of the people. 

Secondly, Instagram allows the users to search for, and follow certain hashtags, which means, if people view the hashtag that you have used, they will come across your picture.

Make sure you use those hashtags that are appropriate and trending. Some of the common hashtags are #instagood, #instamood, #photooftheday, #love, #cute, #dog.

There are thousands of hashtags you can use to spark your content, but which hashtag is right for your post is important to know at the right time. Do not overwhelm your post with hashtags, it will take you nowhere- go through an analytical data and explore which hashtag could bring fruitful result on your page. 

Give Inspiration:

Post inspirational content that would attract a larger amount of audience and the audience that views your posts also shares them. This type of content may include fitness inspiration, or cleanliness, or inspiration to accomplish any goals in life.

If you motivate your people, you will be able to spread positivity which will definitely get you more views, shares, and likes.

Try to host a video which shows inspirational value and motivates others. If you are posting content for fitness training then try to build a connection with fitness influencers and add them to your Instagram account. Post their fitness videos and share their tips and tricks to keep the health perfect and beautiful. 

Never Forget The Consistency:

Instagram tools work in such a way that the more often you post, the more often you will appear in the feed and the Explore space, that will, in turn, determine your popularity, in terms that more people will view your account, and the more likes you get into your hands.

Your consistency is directly proportional to your popularity.

Avoid overwhelming your account with the common posts, post more often but post different content. Try not to post only business purpose content as it will make your audience less connected with you. 

We conclude by claiming that your efforts will determine your results. The more factors you will keep in your mind before posting your content, the better and improved outcomes you will observe. You have to put a lot of things into consideration if you want to attract a larger audience towards your profile. And make sure you adhere to these habits.

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