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YouTube Disables Comments That Could Be At Risk Of Attracting Predatory Behavior

YouTube Disabled Comments


YouTube has taken strict actions on videos which could be at risk of attracting predatory behavior. Yes, YouTube has blocked comments on videos featuring children after the vlogger claimed that he had paedophiles rings and many companies have pulled their adverts from the site. The company noticed that people are providing inappropriate content links in the comment section which is misleading users, especially children. 

YouTube said it took “important steps” to keep young people safe and would continue to identify risky videos. The company added “small number of creators” will be able to keep comments on but will be “required to actively moderate their comments, beyond just using our moderation tools, and demonstrate a low risk of predatory behavior.” 

Means, YouTube is adding robust mechanism and creating steps to prevent users from danger content. This will prevent users from getting engaged in abusing comments. YouTube also launched a more effective ‘comments classifier” which is wide-ranging and will work to detect and remove two times more individual comments. 

YouTube gave a brief about the new classified feature which will remove predatory comments affecting the children mental and physical health more quickly. These strong moves taken by YouTube will inevitably work against the people who are infringing YouTube’s terms of service. 

YouTube has toughened its policies for its users, so people who are more indulged in sharing negative and harmful videos and links will no longer be able to proceed with their wrong intentions. Moreover, YouTube has shut more than 400 channels down showing a sign of strict action towards users who are violating YouTube community standards. 


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