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YouTube’s Efforts Against Violent Content on Their Platform

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Recently, in an interview, YouTube CEO defends her company’s efforts to keep vicious content away from kids. One columnist asked her about what strategies YouTube is implementing to keep the kids away from the precarious content. She connects her statement with how to commit suicide videos targeting kids and plaguing their platform. The columnist also added that there is a list of danger content on YouTube. There, the CEO answered the columnist that they keep kids’ security on priority and they are working to make their platform more secure for children. 

She stated, “We take kids’ safety incredibly seriously, and I would say that the last two years have really been focused on the responsibility of our platforms.” “I understand kids, and as a parent, I really want to do the right thing,” she added to her statement. 

Also, she talks about the changes that the company has made in terms of service. Recently, YouTube disabled comments that could be at risk of attracting predatory behavior. She said some creators and marketers might be disappointed with this move as their videos won’t be the subject of comments. This modification takes away the ability of innocent users, but this move is the right step to keep children’s safety. 

Beside this, YouTube announced that it would modify its algorithm to recommend less content that can be harmful and inappropriate.

Note: “Almost 800 videos were removed due to the violent content, among which75% videos were recognized by the machine learning system.”

YouTube’s CEO explained that most of the problems of YouTube and other social media platforms is because of their instant growth. She said, ” We were this smaller city, and everybody knew each other on the internet, and very quickly we grew to this major metropolitan city.” This shows that they were not ready for these results and the hazardous situations which are halting their platform continuously. 

Many deliberate were present in the conference and had shared their views on YouTube’s terms of service and the strategies on which the company should focus on. They also talked about the best practices for cyber-security. 

For months, YouTube has been efforting to prevent kids from violent content present on their platform. There are millions of videos that can lead users towards danger; therefore YouTube is making rapid changes to its algorithm and terms of service. Until then, we can wait for the next update of YouTube and slowly learn about the steps that can be taken for cyber-security. 

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