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YouTube Influencers Finding New Challenges

Due to the oversaturation of the influencers and changes which were made to YouTube’s monetization policy, it has become quite tough for people to make a career on this video sharing platform.

According to a recent study,  The State of YouTube 2019 Report examined more than 400 YouTube creators who said that their yearly income is decreasing continuously and newcomers are faced with an obstacle to accomplish success.  

In  2015, the top-earning YouTube stars made approximately $2.5 million to $12 million. In 2016 a news agency claimed Phewdipie’s (Popular YouTuber) net worth at $78 million.

According to a report, Felix Kjellberg also known as Pewdiepie now has earned more than $12 million just by discussing video games, but a survey told that his average yearly income is decreasing.

In 2018, YouTube made its guidelines tough for its partner programs. If video makers want ads on their videos, then the creators should have thousands of hours of total watch time with a minimum number of 1000 subscribers.

Micro influencers are also facing difficulties due to the success of live streaming events and social moments like SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch, Beyoncé’s takeover of Coachella, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s  Royal wedding. According to the YouTube post, these live streams were the top three events of 2018 on YouTube.

Now,  live streaming has become an opportunity for brands to get engaged with their new and existing fans, but according to a survey, it has become challenging to acheive financial goals as a full-time influencer. Some suggest that joining a YouTube influencer agency can help in making their career. 

There are a large number of video creators who are participating in their various desires. Like 31% of review respondents said they utilize YouTube for creative purpose and hobbies. 27% said they use it for full-time work, about 22% use it for their business and personal work, 17% people use it for part-time work, and 3% use the platform for education.

People who use YouTube for part-time work or for business list two reasons- first is an additional income and the second one is to make videos as a full-time job.  How-to and style type of video is the most appreciated and followed content by education, film and animation, science and technology, and music. 

Overall, 49% of people consider creativity to be their main inspiration for making videos. 34% said that their primary objective is to promote their business, 14% said their target is to get more subscribers, and just only 1% said all they are looking to increase likes.

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