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YouTube TV, The Streaming Giant’s Take on Live

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Cutting the traditional TV format, a couple of years back YouTube brought up something new in the market-YouTube TV. Technically, YouTube TV is still limited in terms of availability, but commandeering its competition and becoming a major contender in the industry where ‘Sling TV’ and ‘Direct TV Now’ are existing from years.

Officially launched in the United States, YouTube TV is wholly based on the Internet, offers live streaming content from traditional TV networks and multiple cable channels for $35 per month. 

YouTube TV service is one of the most comfortable ways of watching your favorite channel on your mobile. With that, calling YouTube TV a pocket TV would not be wrong. YouTube TV brings multiple options for users including live TV, video-on-demand and DVR features. Available on both iOS and Android, YouTube TV is an absolute reckoning of multiple choices one could have to watch. 

So, what exactly YouTube TV is, what does it offers, how many channels are available, and how it could be a competitor for other Live TV streaming services? All of these questions and more will be answered in this tutorial. 


What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV was launched in February 2017, initially, it was available only in the few areas, but after a significant expansion in January 2019, Google stated that YouTube TV now covers almost 98 percent of the regions of United States.

YouTube TV is YouTube’s live TV streaming service, it is a new and limited in terms of availability now. YouTube TV has quickly become a competition for services like Sling TV and DirectTV Now. With YouTube TV, one can watch live programming and broadcast network like ‘NBC’ and ‘The CW,’ sports channels like ‘The Espn,’  ‘The Fox Sports,’ ”NBA TV’ etc. 


How Much Does The YouTube TV Subscription Cost?

A subscription for YouTube TV costs $35 per month in which you get access to over 40 channels, the probability of more channels to be added in the upcoming days. You can also have Fox Soccer Plus for $15 per month and Showtime for $11 per month. If you are new to YouTube TV, you will get a one-month free trial. 


How To Watch YouTube TV?

You can watch Youtube TV on your television, desktop, or any other remote device. You can also use Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox One to watch YouTube TV.  If you want to watch YouTube TV on your smartphones (for both the Android and iOS) devices, you can directly download the app from the App Store/Play Store.

To watch on desktop, you can simply search for YouTube TV on your web browser without installing the app. 


What Is The Difference Between Youtube TV and YouTube Premium?

A lot of people have failed to identify the difference between YouTube TV and the YouTube Premium also known as YouTube Red.

YouTube premium is an ad-free version of YouTube which has features like the background play of the videos even when the phone is turned off, but you cannot watch live TV or any cable TV channel on YouTube premium.  On the other hand, you can have live TV or any cable TV channel on YouTube TV, it also gives you a free subscription to YouTube Red. 


Is The Unlimited DVR Feature Available On YouTube TV?

YouTube TV has made it easy for users to find live TV shows; also enables users to record programs or videos to watch later with its cloud DVR function.

As a subscriber, you can record as many shows as you want to without any storage limitation; also those recording will remain available for nine months. 


What To Expect From YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is going to expand the number of Turner channels to its list. Channels like CNN, TNT, TBS, and Turner Classic Movies are going to be added soon. Unlike cable TV subscription, you can take YouTube TV with you wherever you go. The service will be raising its subscription cost from $35 per month to $40 per month. However, it is not clear whether the increased charges will be applied for existing users or not.


What Is The Structure Of YouTube TV’S Interface?

YouTube TV offers a user-friendly interface to its subscribers. The main interface is separated into three sections. Along with ‘Home,’ there is a ‘Library’ where all the cloud DVR recordings are stored. You will see ‘Live’ options on YouTube TV where you can find all the local channels and other shows running live. The greatest advantage you have on YouTube TV is the ‘Search page.’ As YouTube is owned by Google, no one can question its search engine availability. 

On the search, pageYouTube TV includes show categories, channel buttons, and show suggestions. YouTube TV is the best option for cord-cutters, and it will surely get better with time. There is a considerable probability for YouTube TV to rule the streaming service sphere in the upcoming days. It is a fantabulous option to subscribe to YouTube TV with features like DVR recordings, a variety of channels, user-friendly interface,  and low prices.


Quick To The Track-

What is YouTube TV? A live TV streaming service like Direct TV Now

What to expect? The probability of adding more channels and facilities in upcoming days!

How much will it cost? 35$ to $40 per month, unless you get an add-on package


Where can you watch it? Almost anywhere in the US

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