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YouTube Music: Everything You Need To Know

YouTube, one of the biggest platforms with millions and millions of users. YouTube has been everyone’s favorite, be it, kids, old people, youngsters, and the list continues. With over 500 million daily active users, YouTube is the biggest and most accessed social platform and has grown tremendously over the years.

The platform is so big that it provides every type of content – related to music, cooking, adventures, song lyrics, games, educational videos, and whatnot.

YouTube is not only the most used video platform in the world it has been the biggest catalog of professional, semi-professional, and amateur music available in the world over the years.

YouTube is mostly known for music videos, lyrics videos, famous rappers, mashups, remix, and is the biggest platform for music.

Here is the best news for all the music buffs, YouTube has decided to dominate the music world with its application called YouTube Music.

YouTube Music

This application offers music videos in particular as YouTube provides every type of content over its platform and it makes a hassle for users to enjoy music peacefully, YouTube Music is the kind of application that every music lover would appreciate.

Google is replacing its default Play Music application with YouTube Music in its new Android smartphones. This move is taken to improve the platform’s convenience and usage.

Most of the platforms provide basic things, like playing unlimited music ad-free, unlimited music downloads over a fee of the applications and being run on supported devices. Moreover, its display features like advanced music, daily mixes, global new releases are helping applications like Spotify to stand out and create a better fanbase.

YouTube Music is a hybrid service that provides an unparalleled music library to dive into with great audio quality and several other options. YouTube music is also covering the grounds of Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and, Your Mix Additions.

Discover Mix:

With applications like Spotify, Apple Music offering different curated music lists for users, YouTube Music is giving tough competition to these applications by providing their versions of new curated playlists.

Spotify has a feature for users to discover new music weekly which provides users a new line up of 30 songs created for users every Monday, YouTube Music has offered a feature called Discover Mix.

Under this feature, the amount of songs has been doubled by YouTube Music providing users with 49 new curated songs each Wednesday.

The playlist appears on YouTube Music’s main page under the “Mixed For You” section it is curated according to the user’s interest but is more inclined towards the songs which are not heard by users but are evergreen. In a recent survey, out of 49 songs in the “Discover Mix” category, 32 were liked by users and even downloaded.

New Release Mix:

Being head to head with Spotify, the YouTube Music released “New Release Mix” in comparison to Spotify’s Your Release Radar Playlist.

New Release Mix

The New Release mix offers the most recent releases from the user’s favorite artists.

Your Mix:

Lastly, YouTube Music has added “Your Mix” playlist which comprises of the songs which the users love with the songs that users haven’t listened to but would love listening to. This list is based upon users’ listening habits.

The YouTube Music Application is a hub for all music lovers. The music over the app can be played in video format and can be turned to audio format with the toggle; however, this feature for playback is only available to its paid users.

YouTube Music was launched in October 2015, with the release of this; YouTube unveiled YouTube Red, a larger subscription service that covers the entire YouTube platform including YouTube Music App.

The availability of music categories varies to releases of mainstream artists to any video categorized as music on YouTube remixes, single tracks, mashups, and every type of music is available over the platform.

Note:  “The YouTube Music platform is available in 77 countries.”

YouTube Music offers various features to its users, from analytics, the application has grown with 15 million users by 2016 and is growing rapidly with the music lovers across the world.

If MTV is to be imagined for mobile phones, YouTube Music is that option for the online generation. YouTube Music is comparatively flexible in terms of music languages than other available music applications. It offers various language options over its platform making it easier for every user around the world to find their favorite music and enjoy it.

Here Is More Of What YouTube Music Has To Offer:

YouTube Music is Video Dedicated

With YouTube being the biggest video platform, its Music section mainly focuses on video music services however also provides the option for audio music when the users desire it.

Users love to watch videos of their favorite music artists but it cannot be played back while using other apps until the user has subscribed to premium. This makes it difficult to use the platform for free users of it as they can not work over their mobile phones while listening to music and disengages people to use this music platform.

Comes with AD – Supported and Premium Versions

The application is a subscription pay application like Spotify. The application provides a free version too which supports in-application advertisements and is very disturbing as advertisements play every three to six songs.

Supported and Premium Versions

The free version also does not allow users to take songs offline or download them as it requires a premium subscription and stops playing music if the user is offline.

“The premium upgrade costs up to 9.99$ a month and can be upgraded with YouTube Premium Package with 11.99$ a month to YouTube red.  This features both YouTube Music and advantages- currently offered are providing access to YouTube Originals content along with taking YouTube videos offline too and giving ad-free and hassle-free YouTube and YouTube Music experience”

Free for Google Play Music Subscribers:

The Google Play Music users can access YouTube Music without any extra costs and access more features over YouTube Music. However, podcasts will not be played over YouTube music as they are still available over Google Play Music.

Free for Google Play Music Subscribers

The company plans on removing the Artist Hub from Google Play Music; it offered independent artists to upload their tracks on Google Play Music. Many users can continue to use Google Play Music but eventually, most of its features are shifted over YouTube Music which will later force users of Google Play Music to shift towards YouTube Music.


YouTube Music according to surveys, is running in over 77 countries and counting.

The biggest drawback of YouTube Music is that it is not available in an application form over desktop and is limited to web usage.

Note: “With the usage of Google Play Music application, YouTube Music is accessible with the new update. “

YouTube Music application can be downloaded and used in Android smartphones with having android version 4.4 and above, and with iPhones and iPods running iOS 7.0 and above.

In recent research, we have found answers to some of the common questions about YouTube platform. There are still millions of questions hurling in the minds of people about the revamped platform but here are some answers regarding the platform.

  • Audio Quality
  • Library
  • Downloads
  • Playback

Audio Quality – 

YouTube Music has dedicated quality for music over its Android and iOS platform versions.

There are three types of audio quality levels available on YouTube Music.
High – It ranges to 256 KBPS that is equivalent to the audio quality of 320 KBPS.
Normal – It ranges to 128 KBPS
Low – It only goes till 48 KBPS
There are 3 quality audio settings that occur over the platform correlated to the audio quality levels.
Audio Quality Over Mobile Data – It is available in Low, Normal, High, Always High audio qualities.
Audio Quality over Wifi –  Available in Low, Normal, High, Always High audio qualities.
Audio Quality in Download – Low, Normal, High.

Library –


The music library over YouTube has limited options available for streaming and sorting music, here are the limited functions available :

  • Sorted By –  Library over YouTube music can only be sorted by date added/modified. The very least YouTube Music needs to work with is alphanumeric sorting options to provide easier access to users to reach out to their favorite music.
  • Limited Amount of Liked songs – Whether it is YouTube or YouTube Music, the playlists are limited to 5000 liked songs.
  • Station Search – If a station has slipped out from recently played YouTube Music, the only way to view it is by searching the complete station name or by recreating it by whatever song or album it is based upon.

Downloads –

The download feature over YouTube Music is only available to its premium users, however, the download features are mentioned as follows:

  • Download Location – While downloading videos, users can select as to where they want particular videos to be downloaded. The download storage over YouTube Music varies from internal storage to SD Card if available.

Download Location

  • Download Quality – Download Quality over YouTube music depends on the choice of the users as how they want their favorite artist’s music videos to be downloaded or want them offline in high qualities to gain a good experience while being offline.

Download Quality

  • Shuffling of Downloaded Content – The biggest feature that YouTube Music lacks is the feature of shuffling music, which could be adapted from Google Play Music as on YouTube Music, the only way to shuffle music is by adding every song, album, and playlist to one playlist and shuffle it.

Shuffling of Downloaded Content

  • Improved Offline Mode –  YouTube Music needs better offline features beyond the downloading part so that it can provide a better view of the Libray tab or recently played music.

Playback – 

There are certain options of playback that YouTube Music needs to work with:

  • Playback Options – YouTube Music only provides video music options over its platform for its free users, the free users do not have access for playback while using other apps. However, for premium users, both video and audio music options are available and can be switched through a toggle. YouTube Music free users can not download songs or even some particular albums.

But YouTube Music premium charges a hefty amount of 11 dollars per month which are included in YouTube Red-these include video playback option too while using other applications and viewing YouTube Originals.

  • Full-Screen Mode for Videos – YouTube users with a tall screen always faced the gap issues while playing the videos in full-screen mode. And, recently YouTube offered a Full-Screen Mode option for its users in order to provide them a better video experience. But, this feature is missing over YouTube Music, but this feature should be added on if the channel especially for its free users.

Full-Screen Mode for Videos

  • Block Button – Disliking songs of individuals are not enough, there has to be an option to block particular albums or artists for users to have some personalized amount of content over YouTube Music.
  • Home Screen Widget – YouTube Music needs to offer a Home Screen Widget for background playback mode. The third-party widgets take us so far.

There is a lot more to know about YouTube music and its advantages as well as disadvantages. YouTube has always delivered amazing services and content to its users and YouTube music is now one of them.

Moving forward, as per the various articles and blogs, it is found that Google stated about the YouTube Music that the service will ultimately replace Google Play Music as its one and only subscription music platform.

Even before the introduction of this new update, YouTube has been advertising its premium subscription within the immensely famous application, showing frequent pop-up screens that display the benefits of YouTube Premium.

So, now it is on the users means you, how you make the best use of the channel and what sort of benefits you grab from the network. Though there are many things that are not available on YouTube music, but yes there are lot of features that could help you to boost your presence in the music industry. Just check out the new modifications and pick up the best options.

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