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YouTube Now Enable Auto Delete History Feature

In this growing era of the internet, there has been a major threat to privacy; the privacy over the internet has faded over the years; in fact, online services have become a way to broadcast personal information on a global platform. Privacy issues are increasing majorly day by day on every social media application, be it Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many others.

As technology evolves, people’s expectations are increasing for privacy and security.

Privacy concerns over the internet portray a serious challenge, in a survey, 7 out of 10 people feel worried about their privacy over the internet in comparison to email or phones. Internet privacy is slowly becoming a threat, as personal data could be slipped into the wrong hands if it does not get managed properly. This is the major concern of people who are regular users of social networking sites and who’s business and brands are completely rely on the sites.

Moreover, most of the users put their personal information and data over the sites which can be misused by the fraudulent users anytime. For instance, the direct information through browsing logs searched issues and so on.

Note: “Companies are hired to watch what kind of websites are visited by people after which they provide related ads to the users to nudge them towards their content. But this is an unauthentic way as it also let them know about the users’ interests, hobbies, and much more information. Not only this, there are possibilities that the credit or debit card details filled by the users over different websites can also be viewed by the companies.”

One of the biggest examples of privacy security issues over social networking sites is Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica issue which took place a few years back. The issue was all about the violation of users’ data and information. After this case, Facebook clarifies that it was not the company’s intent. And later the giant offers multiple features for users to protect their data and information they have provided over the channel.

Children and adolescents often use the internet (including social media) in which they risk their privacy without even knowing about it. Young people may not even realize that all browsing and search history can be easily tracked down while using particular sites and however, it needs to be protected by the user itself.

Being an online generation, it is important to keep privacy over the applications which are being used. Every channel offers different ways and multiple options to enable complete security over the channel but most of the time we usually forget to use those features.

Facebook has two-factor authentication, Instagram has toggle off button to secure all the content from the selected people, Twitter has different privacy options and YouTube also has various ways through which you can secure your content, information as well as the information you have searched for.

YouTube allows you to delete the content you have searched by deleting the YouTube history. However, it does not seem a major concern for privacy but it plays an important role.

YouTube history not only records the content watched over YouTube but also records the location history as of when and where content has been watched. It can be a big threat over privacy as any hacker or stalker can have access to it or even bully the users, blackmail them and so on.

However, many users cannot protect online privacy due to a lack of knowledge about it and with the complicated steps, it becomes more difficult to maintain privacy over the internet. Some companies hire professionals for this while many individuals try the best on their levels to protect online privacy.

The applications have been trying to provide various privacy options over various platforms in order to provide security to its users and make them feel safe over their application. Recently, Google also launched a feature for privacy over YouTube history, and they provided an option to auto-delete YouTube history for the sake of user privacy.

Under this feature, YouTube history can be auto-deleted after 3 months or 18 months or can be kept until the user decides to delete it.

The incognito mode that occurred on Google in 2008, now rolled out to YouTube and to be followed to Google maps later on. For the privacy-minded, the incognito mode is a win-win situation as the mode provides no search histories or queries but Google suggests not to delete the history as they can easily generate related ads according to the user searches.

Worried about how to use the latest auto-delete feature? Here are the steps required to do it:

 How YouTube History Can Be Auto Deleted

  • Activity control for YouTube History – This can be accessed easily through Google’s main page and then finding the “Data And Personalisations tab”, and then “YouTube History” followed by “Manage Activity” window.
  • After this, it will show up two boxes under YouTube History, the box at the right side will show “Keep Your Activity/History until You Delete it Manually” if the user has not accessed it before ever.
  • Just below that link, it will show “Choose to Delete it Automatically”.
    Clicking on the link will show up the duration as at what period of time the history is to be deleted.
  • The duration of Auto delete YouTube history through Google can be selected.
  • The duration of deleting YouTube History varies from “after 3 months or after 18 months” or else can be kept until manually deleted by the user.
  • Then, confirm preference as of the duration after that Google will ask if any content of the history is to be deleted immediately or not.

With this option, YouTube History can be auto-deleted and provide a new level of privacy over the platform to its users making them feel more secure and more attracted to the application.

With the recent changes, YouTube has started to have a view over the search history of its users so as to recommend the contents according to the user interests. So, YouTube is also keeping a watch over the type of content being searched.

With the feature providing so much privacy over the content being searched it has some drawbacks too.

Drawbacks Of Auto Delete Search History

  • The biggest drawback this option has is that once the history is cleared, it disables personalized content that means our favorite songs, comedy videos, cooking shows would not be shown up in the feed or recommendations of the content related to it.
  • The duration of the feature is long, which means the YouTube “auto delete history” feature would work after three months and clear the history at that time.  If there is a need to delete some history immediately it can only be done manually.

The feature offers privacy at a different level but the history can be tracked down till three months and the duration of auto delete search history is the major issue in it.

YouTube also provides the option to Pause Watch History.

Under this privacy-related step, the users can pause the YouTube watch history and search for other content or queries over YouTube without it being mentioned in the watch history.

That means the users can search content over YouTube and watch it, which they don’t want in their watch history. The earlier watch history which was not paused would still remain the same and no new watched videos will be shown until “Pause Watch History” is turned off.

However, this would not show any further recommendations from the watched queries which were conducted when this feature was activated.

This is a temporary option to protect privacy over YouTube as this can be easily changed and accessed but is better to use the option in the alternatives.

How Pause Watch History Can Be Activated?

  • Open YouTube and then tap on the Profile icon.

look for the History option

  • Further, you need to look for the “History” option location o the left side of the page among multiple options.

look for the History option

  • Click on the “History” button after which you will be have several options under “History Type” section located at the right side of the page.
  • Below the section, look for the “Pause Watch History” option, and click on it. After which you will have a pop-up message “***** (abc.Justin@gmail.com) Pausing YouTube watch history can make it harder to find videos that you’ve watched, and you may see fewer recommendations for new videos across Google. Remember, pausing this setting doesn’t delete any previous activity, but you can view, edit and delete your private YouTube watch history data at any time.” along with “Cancel and Pause” button.

look for the Pause Watch History option

  • Click on the “Pause” button, that will simply pause the watch history.

Click on the Pause button

This feature works over both the applications; YouTube and YouTube Music. The watching history would not appear even if it is turned off for one application.

That means if Pause Watch History is turned on for YouTube, the watch history would be paused for YouTube too.

YouTube has always been an outstanding video platform that provides multiple features for users’ comfort and security.  Apart from YouTube’s “Auto History Delete” feature, there are many big moves took by the giant. For example, recently YouTube declared that it will remove all the badges from the account who are fake and created only to divert the customers from the original content. Now, YouTube will strongly verify each and every channel over the network and only then it will provide the Checkmark to the channel’s owner profile.

Moreover, all the huge social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are working on the security of the users and creating new options and guidelines to secure the users’ privacy and data.

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