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YouTube CEO Addresses Top Creator Issues

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki issued a blog post in which some of the greatest problems of video makers were addressed like the copyright claim to remove the ads from their videos, some of the most admired videos in the trending section of the site, and removal of comments on family vlogger and many more.

It’s obvious from Wojcicki’s blog that addressing the community’s constant complaint was their prime concern and copyright claim is the chief among those. Due to a copyright claim, YouTubers are not able to earn ad revenue. Some of the circumstances that Wojcicki mentioned indirectly in a blog post are from the top creators like Jimmy “Mrbeast” Donaldson. He shared his experience of losing out on ad revenue as a short clip of copyrighted music was played on his video. His case drove H3H3’s Ethan Klein with whom Wojcicki sat down with to hear their problems.

Wojcicki stated in the blog post, “We were already looking into this issue but hearing this directly from creators was vital.” “We are exploring improvements in striking the right balance between copyright owners and creators.”

YouTubers also complained that YouTube’s trending section, a significant page for discovering viewers, skipped over their videos rather demonstrating sports highlights, motion picture trailers, music videos, and late-night clips. Those complaints are not new, but for the first time in Wojcicki’s blog, creators frustrations were addressed officially. 

Wojcicki says at least half of the videos will now originate from YouTubers,  but that does not ensure that the most popular video is ensured to show up on the trending list. Wojcicki says as of now YouTube is quite near to hit that representation figure. 

She said, “trending is meant to show content that a wide range of viewers would find interesting.” YouTube’s team is “especially careful about the safety of these videos, and we ensure they don’t contain profanity or mature content,” she added.

YouTube’s team is also planning to include more detailed guidelines around what content is reasonable for advertisers. YouTubers have been frustrated over the lack of clarity on what content can make their content suitable for advertisers. 

The last point Wojcicki mentioned in the blog post was the organization’s commitment to delete the comments from videos which contained disturbing content for children. Only selected channels will get a permit to enable comments with specific terms and conditions. 

YouTube CEO wrote “I hear from creators every day how meaningful comments are for engaging with fans, getting feedback, and helping guide future videos,”  She added to her statement, “the changes were made because we feel protecting children on our platform should be the most important guiding principle.”

Wojcicki’s letter to video makers comes just as a rating of individuals are in New York City for the corporate’s Creator Summit and two days ahead of the company’s Upfront. The Upfront is a method for YouTube to talk directly to video makers and advertisers. As YouTube looks like additional of a contemporary MTV for Gen Z, Wojcicki’s blog post is an attempt to remind makers that in any case, they matter the most.

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