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Video Advertising on YouTube: Best Practices

youtube video advertising

YouTube is the world’s popular video platform and in today’s scenario videos are ruling over the globe. Everyone preferred watching the video for entertainment, communication or for updates. Almost 1 billion people are active on YouTube every day, and over 78% of marketers stated that video gave them good ROI. Whoever once engaged with video advertisement to promote their businesses gets addict to its profit-making ability.

There are over 3 billion searches per month, and YouTube is considered to be a popular site for Teenagers. After Google, YouTube is considered to be the largest search engine in the world. So YouTube has a broad reach and more significant potential to expand business or brand.

To advertise on YouTube, you need to understand how YouTube is different from other platforms and how it works. As a user of YouTube, you will only earn profit from each view when a viewer will spend at least 20-30 seconds on your video. If he spends less than 20 seconds than it would not be counted as a view.

While creating a YouTube video Advertisement, there are some tips which can make your video ads more impactful-

 There are 4 major types of YouTube advertisement formats-


1. Pre-Roll Videos Ads-

This type of video ads appears before the actual video and remain for about 30 seconds. These ads are charged per click, means you only have to pay for the total number of clicks, rather than the number of views. Since these type of ads are charged per click, they are usually cost-effective for campaigns focused around on-site conversions.

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2. TrueView Ads-

youtube ad

TrueView ads, also known as in-stream ads function as a traditional commercial. These ads are skippable videos appears before the main video, and the viewer can easily skip the ad if he/she is not interested in the ad.  Although, you have 60 seconds to tell about your product or brand but have less chance to encourage viewers to watch the entire video, so here you need to be much creative with your ad content. You will get paid only if the viewers spend over 30 seconds on your ad; therefore it is necessary to be clear with your objective. 

Type of TrueView Ads-

 TrueView Reach Ads:

TrueView Reach ads help you to target your viewers based on maximum views. These ads are best for driving awareness of your brand.

 TrueView Discovery Ads:

You can use discovery ads to show your ads on the YouTube search results page just like Google search ads works. These are best for engaging audiences who may be interested in buying your services or products.

 TrueView Action Ads:

These sort of adds allow you to add a button squarely into your video that drives your targeted customers to click out to your website. These ads best for nurturing leads to take purchase actions.

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3.  Bumper Ads-

This ad format is a video clip which cannot be skipped and run for only 6 seconds. This is enough time to grab the viewers attention. In case you do not want to create a long advertisement then you can use bumper ads format, it is good for spreading brand awareness.


4.  In Display Ads-

In case you do not want to advertise in between the video or within the video then you have the choice to go with “In display ads,” this will appear on the right-hand side of the viewers’ screen. The viewer can skip the ad if they do not find the ad interesting. In-display ads are useful for increasing conversion rates.

Once you select the ad format, continue to make the ad more creative and attractive to grab the viewers attention.

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Some effective ways which will help you create perfect and creative YouTube ads-

• Try to make the first 5-6  seconds engaging and informative as this is the point where people will decide either they want to continue with your ad or want to skip.

• Keep in mind the time frame allotted to you and show all the necessary information in concise content.

• Only provide vital information to the viewers, avoid to embed unnecessary details in your ads.

• Use the professional techniques which can help you to reach your goal.

First and the foremost reason for relaying on YouTube advertisement than any other websites is that it holds an experience of years. Since 2005, it is hitting the market with success and beating all of its competitors until now. It is holding the second position all over the world. YouTube had put a lot of efforts to stay high in the competition. YouTube always proceed according to the behavior of its viewer, so the trade and big brand use YouTube to advertise their brand or product.  Moreover, the audience trusts the YouTube ads more than any other website and show interest more to it. So it helps trades and companies to make most of from their ad.

Despite, the best part of YouTube is its keywords as they are cheaper as compares to Google. YouTube proved its credibility in the market. Share your experience about the ads you have used for your business and let us know how these ads helped you to boost your services.


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