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YouTube Update! No More Dangerous Pranks And Challenges Videos

Google-owned website- YouTube has decided to ban dangerous pranks and challenges from their platform. YouTube updating its guidelines along with the new rules with the promise they will remove content that shows the hazardous activities or provokes violence. Pranks and challenges videos are highly popular on YouTube, but every material cannot be considered appropriate or safe for the users. Therefore, YouTube has regulated some new rules and guidelines to prohibit dangerous activities and challenges that can cause abrupt or permanent physical or emotional damage to the users or the viewer. 

YouTube is a home for prank video lovers, but now YouTube has banned the video which was not according to their guidelines and will also ban in future if they violate the updated guidelines. 


Here are the types of video that are banned-

• Challenges which encourage actions that can result in physical harm or mental stress.

• Any prank that conveys a negative message to the viewers or makes them believe that they are in physical danger.

• Pranks that cause emotional pain to children. 

These content including the instructional video of bomb-making or hard drug use. Material that encourages others to do the same dangerous activities or illegal content. As the examples don’t have a big list means that the YouTube moderators will decide which content is harmful and which is appropriate to show when they will review the specific video content. 


There are some most prominent example when prank videos go hazardous (Blindfold& ingesting detergent)-

There was a challenge known with the name “Bird Box” which dares people to wear blindfolds and drive the car. Another such challenge or so-called prank was ingesting detergent, where children and adults recorded their videos while eating a small snack filled with detergent. But with these YouTube’s updated guidelines will definitely reduce the unwanted content that may not be beneficial to anyone and may affect negatively will certainly restrict to be published. 

It is not that each prank and challenge video on YouTube are disrupted or affronted. It entirely depends on how the video has been shot, some professional pranksters are well known for faking their stunts, but the way they present their stunt that the young viewers don’t understand that what they are watching is not real.  

Moreover, YouTube updated its custom thumbnail and external link to the new regulations which are surrounding pranks and challenges. Means, creators can no longer promote their video along with the thumbnail that consists of restricted content like pornography or graphic violence. Also, creators cannot add external links that navigate the viewers to content that breaks YouTube’s guidelines, such as spam, malware, etc. 


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