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YouTubers Verification Badges Are Getting removed: What’s New?

YouTube has been an outstanding video sharing platform since its launch. The channel has delivered tons of benefits to the creators and influencers and has helped them to reach the best result for their efforts.

YouTube has always been in news for its new updates and advanced features and now the channel has brought up a sensational update for its users. Yes, YouTube is now changing its verification program which includes its look and the eligibility criteria- the company announced in an interview.

YouTube has always provided badges to the users who have crossed a limit of required likes, subscribers as well as followers of the channel- the verified channels have checkmarks beside their names, and official artist channels have music notes.

But, now YouTube has taken a strong move of stipping down the verification badges from the channels who do not come under the updated criteria and do not have the authentic channel. This strong move has taken place in the initial days of October 2019- now the channels will be verified on the basis of new policies.

One of the main requirements is that the user must have at least 100,000 subscribers. Moreover, then also need to stand with the external new authentication policy which will be announced soon.

Now, the situation is that many of the YouTube channels are under threat as their verification badges could be removed anytime. However, most of the channels’ badges have been removed and they will be disappeared from the network soon.

Verification is an important factor for creators as it decides which creator should get at the top of the recommendations when people look for the best content on YouTube. Channels that no longer meet the criteria and may have their badge removed were notified from the day the new move was announced.

As per the information and latest blogs, creators will have the option to appeal the decision before the changes take place. Every channel on YouTube will be notified first before the removal of the badge.

Moreover, verification badge is also important for creators as it represents their status in the industry and also sets a benchmark for their competitors and the freshers who are new in the market. Having the checkmark back to their channel’s name is a sign of being one of the best members on the network. But, losing that checkmark could harm their reputation or growth and can leave creators feeling upset.

Channels Notified For The Possibilities:

Now, you might be wondering which type of channels and content will be authentic as per the new policies and which sort of channels will get removed out from the network. So there is a big theory about as there are tons of channels that have been created over the network which have only the purpose to harm the society and the community. The channels that have been created over the network only to harm others will be removed soon. Moreover, the unpopular, less viewed, fake, or disturbing content producer will have to exit the network or they will be stipped by the company soon.

Many people took this announcement of the company as a rumor of fake news, but it is true that the giant will soon remove all the verification badges provided to the channels which have no authentic content. And from the day the channel has announced the news, many of the channels holders are in fear as shortly after a few days, their content will disappear from the network.

For example- The famous international music group “Chain-Smoker” has its channel on YouTube with a “music” badge which makes it verified on the network.  But, there are many channels that have been present on the channel and taking advantage of good sales and engagement because of the “Chain-Smoker” name. So now, all the channels which have been created the fake channels, all will be closed soon.


So, after this new move, only the original channels will remain on the network, and all the fake accounts created on the channel will be removed as soon as possible.

Channels Having More Than 100,000 Subscribers:

YouTube under its new policies for verification badges will now more depends on prominent channels and the holders who are monitoring the content. The giant will now only allowed the users who are well–dignified members and will have clear proof of authenticity. Vintage or traditional YouTubers, comedians, music groups, news channels, and others are in recognition. But also numerous well-established YouTubers have been notified under threat and their badge disappears on their channel which has even millions of subscribers.

For Instance – YouTube like Jake Paul has lost checkmark on his own channel. Ducky the Gamer has also lost checkmark on his channel while having millions of subscribers, engaged in creating content for almost 8 years. But, as per the new policies, YouTube has announced that channels having more than 100,00 subscribers will be only eligible to get the verification badge, so why those famous personalities are facing removal of their badge when they have millions of subscribers.

Ducky the Gamer

What Would Be The New Policy And The Criteria For The Verification Badge?

As the new move for the verification of the giant is into limelight, YouTube has not disclose its every rule in the public.   But it is announced that the verification badge would be provided on the basis of the content behaviour like what intent it is delivering. However, the move have been criticized by many YouTubers stating this as a foolish move. However the CEO has assured the creators they requested them to submit the disagreement and the proposal related to their channels will  be managed surely.

How Critical The Move Is:

Many firms or highly followed individuals on this network seem the new upcoming authentication badges centered at least percentages on this network. Here the nature of the checkmark will be more similar to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where an individual has to go for the specific account, which is time taking and unease for user. Ultimately the result favors some of the known brands, prominent artists, actors, singers and less percentage of YouTubers. Users could not get too many search results and the creativity lacks in this manner.

‘Een’ a  Popular YouTube channel signified that the creators with no background or small name fame will ultimately come inside search results, after this move. A large percentage of the creators belong to this category and they have established themselves on YouTube with their videos and content. If people will search for Bon appetite, it will reach the magazine first, instead the other related content for the specific search. Finally ‘Een’ statement about YouTube is making the losers and winners out of the race.

YouTube C.E.O Apology:

Susan ‘Wojiciki’ C.E.O of Twitter has made an apology with her tweet, she made late night on 20th September. Susan on her statement announced ‘I am sorry for the frustration that we caused with our new approach to verification. While trying to make improvements, we missed the mark. As I write this, we are working to address your concerns and we will have more updates soon’.  The new step by YouTube on verification badges received so many pushbacks, that just after the single day of announcement, YouTube took this concern seriously and the C.E.O of the giant immediately wrote an apology to all the creators who lose the badges before their name. Susan (YouTube CEO) tried to make understand by writing, how they are into it and working on this concern. More updates will be announced very soon.

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