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Buy Facebook Page Verification and increase credibility of your business

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2 FanPage Verification @ $5599

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  • Impacts Sales in a Positive Way
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Buy Facebook Page Verification

With social media today receiving an unsurpassed amount of subscribers today, and the unparalleled increase in smartphone users and social media initiatives, the potential of social media apps for advertisement is increasing by the minute. With the amount of facebook celebrities and facebook posts receiving worldwide attention by some of them becoming news items, one can count on apps like facebook to reach a wide range of audiences. From e commerce websites to celebrity pages, once you reach a desired level of popularity, you can actually supplement your earnings through your facebook page.

But the icing on the cake is when you receive a verification tag on your account. This tag alone determines and establishes your popularity on social media. Represented by a blue tick above your name, the Facebook Page verification tag is usually displayed on genuine accounts of celebrities, big brand names, and viral pages and popular social media portals.

But getting a verification on facebook is equally challenging. You never know how the traffic would come to your page and a great deal of that depends on your luck, the quality of your posts and a few smart hacks.

While many social media gurus have tried to debunk this mystery by suggesting simple techniques and hacks, the enigma of the verification status continues to exist. But all the boosting on facebook with the sponsored ads and other things can only work when you understand how the web world works. Quite a lot of times, people won’t even click your ads no matter how many times you get it boosted. Mainly because it takes much more than just unique content and attractive taglines to make the cut.

Facebook Page Verification Guaranteed With Genuinelikes!

At Genuinelikes, a company solely dedicated towards social media marketing and brand building, at an affordable price you can get more visibility for your page, and that includes not just more subscribers, but increased likes on your posts, pictures and updates. With an integrated approach in social media marketing, coupled with substance and spunk, Genuinelikes assures both popularity and longevity.

Unlike other pages that claim to fetch you more followers, with most of them having incomplete and almost fake profiles, Genuinelikes will ensure that your subscribers are the ones with completed profiles, with easily traceable traffic. What happens with other portals is that you get a huge amount of followers for the moment, but after that your traffic just remains stagnant. With Genuinelikes, you have a much gradual process of fetching followers and they are there to stay. The slower momentum makes sure that your page is always on the exponential follower graph and never in the lag phase.

The catch here is, the steady and slow process will help you win at social media. The experts at our portal devise the most pragmatic strategies to help you gather popularity on facebook so you can get Your Facebook Page verified Withen two weeks.


Why should I buy Facebook Verification?

Social media today has been booming, and businesses who advertise themselves on it have shown a rapid growth, as per the studies done on social media engagement. Everything is available on mobiles itself these days, making most of the data, studies, and businesses within a customer’s reach. A business can be run wholly through internet even, face book being the king of all things social and online.

And if you have a verified face book account, it’d be an icing on the cake. It’s not new to buy facebook page verification in order to develop your business, expand it and make it reachable to all the potential customers out there.

How will a verified Facebook account make my business better?

The visual aspect of anything is much more powerful as compared to just the written, verbal or by hearing. When clients see that your face book page has a blue tick on it and it’s verified, they increase their response towards that business and you will witness more visitors on your page and much more of them turning into clients. Genuine Likes works on building your empire on social media by fetching more followers and hence more likes on your posts, pictures and updates. The good thing is they all are genuine followers or users of face book.

What’s the surety that it will generate more revenue?

Business isn’t run on surety, however, it’s a proven fact that businesses that have an active social profile, that have more followers and whose posts have more likes, somewhere near 1500 or more, are found to have more followers turned sure clients and in return generating more income as compared to those that have a passive internet presence. When you buy facebook verification from Genuine Likes, you assure your business’s development on a better note. With an attractive visual content provided by this service, you can have improved customer involvement in your business

How can I believe your Services?

The fact that we have more than 5000 happy customers says a lot about how dependable we are. We are sitting here to provide facebook page verification and the best services to you that can guarantee an increased customer base along with more revenue with a very small amount of investment from your end. For 1 page verification we charge just $2899, and for two pages, the costs are $5599. Not too much, surely and it all comes back to you when you see the revenue being generated many times more the investment you made, just be increased likes.

What is the reason for low prices?

Our aim here is not to make more money, but to provide your services that would solidify your business and customer base online. With genuine Likes, you will see a gradual increase in your followers that would always stay on the increasing side. We earn when you earn, so it’s our duty to help you grow your profits, just be sitting and managing your social account. You can place a call to us at +1 (415) 992-5980 or shoot an email at orders@genuinelikes.com to buy facebook page verification for your business.

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